Creating buzz and selling out offers is easier with the…

3-day mini course planner

… the 3-day mini course that helps you systematically sell out your paid programs, without having to troll the Internet for answers or wasting weeks drowning in overwhelm and confusion… using the 3-Step Creation Blueprint™.

Is this you?


Want to sell out your offers, without having to hustle like crazy?

Want to bump your list size into the stratosphere, but are short on cash for FB ads and shorter on time to spend hours trolling Facebook groups to promote your offers?

Then I’ve got the ultimate proposition for you!


What if there was a way for you to systematically sell out your programs and fill your courses with high-vibe customers and clients, without having to commit to the frantic pace of a big-ass launch or begging your business besties to be pretend customers?


The 3-Day Mini Course Planner gives you the know-how to pull off a killer challenge that leads into a paid offer, and you can do it all from the comfort of your home while you sit in your PJs in bed.


Free challenges, when done right are a great way to:

Attract the right people into your little corner of the Internet.

Turn lookers into raving fans and loyal customers.

Motivate your audience to take the next step, by proving to them that you’re the go-to expert.

Create buzz around your paid offer.

This planner shows you exactly what to do, when to do it and why.

This step-by-step mini system will get you up and running your first multi-day challenge in no time, smashing previously held beliefs about it being too hard, too complicated and too time consuming… while elevating you to the top of your industry as a force to be reckoned with.

What’s inside?


You get access to a comprehensive 11-minute video walkthrough of the 3-DAY MINI COURSE PLANNER that takes you by the hand and shows you how to work your way through the steps.

A copy of the 3-Step Blueprint taking you deep into the bowels of a successful multi-day challenge, showing you each step of the way.

Landing page examples that have converted as high as 73.91%. Duplicate these with ease and on the fly with low-cost and no-cost software and applications.

A detailed rundown of every email you need to send in the sequence, when to send it, what to include in each email and how to deliver the lot.

The Mini Course Mind Map—a simple to digest snapshot of the entire mini course sales funnel, to help you bust through confusion and overwhelm in record time.

Think about how a free, successful multi-day challenge can easily sell your offer and how this would change everything for you!



Committed, high-vibe women in business who are 100% ready to systematically sell out their offers, in a non-threatening way.

Women who want to experience the thrill, excitement and buzz from selling with more ease and less sleaze.

Women who want to serve their community with value-added offerings.

Women who want to revolutionise their business from the ground up.

Women who want explosive business growth, without trolling the Internet for answers.

are you ready to systematically sell out your offers? 

Give yourself the gift of ease and flow 


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