“I write heart-pounding copy, lashed with personality + persuasion!”

nikamundellWelcome sassy lady! I’m Nika,

(That’s short for Monika.)

I’m super excited you’re here, right now.

I KNOW you’re busy… building a widely successful empire that lets you live life on your terms. I wanted to tell you that…

I appreciate you! For taking the time to stop by.

You’re a visionary leader, a crusader who has her sights set high on achieving her dreams. You’re a born entrepreneur, and you’re ready to supremely rock your tribe with the power of words.

You’re here because you want to write your own sassy copy… or have it written for you. Words that sync with the essence of you and your business, enrich your bank account, and set you FREE.

But above all, you want to… BE HEARD, recognised and RESPECTED for your genius gifts and expertise! And…

Get your message out with eloquence, style, innovation, sass, and spirit.

You want your words to carry enough spirited punch to help you make enough money to fulfill your conscious crusade and help others. You are READY to leverage your expertise and attract better clients.

What you need is a conscious communication strategist.

I’m here to illuminate your brilliance… with the power of words.

To help you liberate your “song,” and turn it into powerful copy. You’ll walk away with words that RESONATE your mission, values and crusade, and vibrate your essence – authentically and stylishly.

I’m a copywriting strategist. I help sassy women in business get clear on their million dollar message, so they can attract more dream clients + accelerate their profit potential.

I’m a persuasive rebel with a pen, mentor, public speaker,  and author. I’m the illuminatress of mass seduction. And I’m on a quest to magnify your brilliance.

I’m on a mission to liberate sassy visionary women, with words.

I want to help you leverage your natural genius gifts so you can lead your own tribe – with sass, style & eloquence.

I’m looking for spirited, gutsy luminaries who recognise the need for more female leaders, and are prepared to fight for the driver seat in the vehicle called “life.”.

If you’re THAT woman, in need of a copywriting or coaching powerhouse, we need to talk. So you can achieve your mission without costly and timely delays.

This is your life… make the most of it while you can!

Let’s connect and strategise on how to best achieve this.

I’ve trained with the Jedis of copywriting (the art of promotional writing) + mastered the art of mass seduction. In fact I’ve helped hundreds of clients boost their profits by the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The results echo sound waves by themselves.


Funky facts about me…

copywritermonikamundell// I once co-hosted a radio show in the Australian outback, with my husband. Dr Acid + Mr House rocked the walls off our studio for some 15 months. Our “fake” flying eye traffic report attracted a number of loyal fans…

// I get a buzz from public speaking + have shared the stage with millionaires, leading Internet marketers, mentors, and inspired entrepreneurs. I’ve presented to crowds as large as 500, 200, and as little as 3 at my own writing workshops.

// I speak German, Swiss German, Italian (un poco) + French (un peu) + English, of course. I continue to hone my passion for language…

// Before I moved to my dream country Australia (from Switzerland) I spent 22 years as a gourmet + Michelin-star chef, cooking for rich bankers, state presidents, actors, members of the British royal family, and everyday people…

// I’ve travelled to Germany, Austria, the UK, Scotland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, Denmark, the Canary Islands, Italy, Portugal, Gibraltar, France, Finland, the US of A, Canada, Thailand, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Vanuatu, Noumea, New Caledonia… and soon to Papua New Guinea and Japan.

// I believe my personality is a combination of sassy class, wise sage, Goddess tenacity, inner child playfulness + creative genius, backed by boundless respect for animals and mother nature…

// I’ve been known to break out in sudden fits of uncontrolled laughter that turns into snorting + happy tears…

My commitment to you.

I’m committed to serving you to help you achieve your highest potential. My heart lights up when I see my clients “flip” that switch inside of them, and shine their brilliance to enrich the lives of others.

PREPARE to supremely rock your tribe, and get the EDGE! Start here, or contact me for more info on how we can play.