Ignite Your SPARK — Build a Business You Love.

nikapinkgrassYour message / copy / communication must evoke an emotional response in order to connect with your dreamiest of clients + sell them on wanting to work with you. And that’s exactly what I do. I teach you how to write magnetic messages (copy). If you’re ready to have a purpose-driven business that gives you the time freedom you need to live the life you want…

… I’ll teach you how to rock your business + boost sales!

If you want more sales and make business deliciously dreamy, fun + profitable, I can help.


Hi, I’m Monika Mundell aka Nika. I’m the Communication Strategist, Copywriter + SPARK Coach for women in business who want to build a profitable (passion) business that gives them the FREEDOM to live life on their terms, without compromising their values. I’m also an international best-selling author


How I found my passion business.

Before I discovered my passion business + easy genius, I was a professional chef for 22 years. I started my business, because I wanted FREEDOM, and there was no way I could ever get THAT working for a boss.


I’ve started my biz in 2004, and have since helped hundreds of entrepreneurs ignite their business SPARK, fall in love with it all over again and live the life they deserve + desire.

Our dream came true!

 In March 2014, John my darling hubby and I left Australia to be location independent — to live our dream. We sold our house, car + investment properties, and gave away our furniture, to dedicate our lives to living our dream NOW. Not tomorrow. Not when we may be retired + dead! Thanks to my business John has been retired since January 2011, not bad when you think he isn’t even 50 yet. 😉

Along the way I stumbled, made tons of mistakes, won, made more mistakes, got temporarily lost + eventually found my BOLD voice + my love tribe.

I want to show you how to find yours.


I want to show you how to find your SPARK!

I’ve designed my signature program, SPARK VIP, to help women like you stop subscribing to excuses, procrastination + fear, and build a business that lights you up from within, a business that is FUN to promote… a business that effortlessly showcases your brilliance, to a steady stream of dream clients who pay you what you’re worth… because when your ignite your SPARK, business becomes pure pleasure.


When you work with me you’ll discover that promoting your business is nothing to fear. I’ll show you how to make it delicious, profitable + fun. I’m also going to help you set up simple residual income streams that could start to make you money while you sleep, before we’re done with this 1:1 mentoring program.


Good communication paves the road to your EPIC life.

You want an EPIC life, right?


If the answer is “HELL YES,” I’m ready to support you + help you flick the LIGHT switch.


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7 Things you may not know about me…


#1: During the summer of 2015, John and I walked across Spain, 850+ km on the classic Camino Frances…


#2: I once co-hosted a radio show, in the Australian outback…


#3: I get a buzz from public speaking + have shared the stage with millionaires, leading Internet marketers, mentors, and inspired entrepreneurs…


#4: I’m really an introvert. I’m comfortable in small intimate groups of people and totally out of my league at social networking events + large gatherings of people (EEK!). 


#5: I truly believe that life’s too short to put off your dreams, and I love to laugh + have a great time with family, friends + dream clients.


#6: I have a passion for languages + speak English, German, Swiss German, Spanish (learning), Italian (un poco) + French (un peu)…


#7: I’m Swiss born + Aussie by choice. I’ve lived in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and Australia, and travelled to Austria, Brunei, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Tunesia, Belgium, Vatican City, Scotland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, San Marino, Malaysia, Denmark, the Canary Islands, Italy, Portugal, Gibraltar, France, Finland, the US of A, Canada, Thailand, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sailed through the Federated States of Micronesia, Brunei, UAE, Vanuatu, Noumea, New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Japan, Alaska, Colombia, St Marteen, Grand Turk, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Malta and Croatia… as a location independent lifestyle nomad I’m always looking to explore this wonderful world of ours in even more depth, so as I visit new countries I will add them to this list.


If you’d like to see what hubby John and I are up to, check out his travel blog right here.


Effective communication moves people – emotionally!


nikagoldwallMonika Mundell is a communication strategist, SPARK business coach, copywriter and workshop facilitator for women in business (+ conscious men). She’s also an international best-selling author.


When it comes to helping clients accelerate their profit potential, she’s the REAL deal. Monika has 11+ years of experience as a communication + marketing virtuoso — and has led life-changing writing workshops for entrepreneurs in Australia, Canada, and the US. Her clients have scored national media attention, 6-figure profits in as little as 4 weeks, paid speaking gigs — and freedom laptop lifestyles.


From travelling the world with her laptop business ( + husband) to facilitating writing + marketing workshops to groups of women entrepreneurs, Monika loves the challenge of mixing business with her passion for travel (+ fun). Her advice has been featured in newspapers, and magazines as well as leading online websites like She Takes on the World, When I Grow Up Coach, Dumb Little Man, Problogger, FreshBooks, Freelance Folder, Lifehack, Our Internet Secrets and StartCopywriting.


For more copywriting tips and advice go to MonikaMundell.com