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  1. Reason #1: If you’re not banking the sort of cash you want, chances are that your content sucks. If your content sucks, you’re losing sales. It’s that simple! This writing system will remove the hassles of idea overwhelm and content shame for you with clear action steps that walk you through the creation (or recreation) of your entire website copy (+ more).
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  4. Reason #4: Since 2007, my skill as a copywriter has made my clients a lot of money. Six figures in 30 days, sold out programs, TV appearances, $40Ks in a weekend, and much more. I think it’s fair to say that I know my craft. And now you’ll be able to steal my brain and tap into my genius.
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Why the “Content Shame to Fame” Writing System?


Is still rated the holy grail of online marketing! 58% of marketers said “original written content” is the most important type of content, outdoing visuals and videos. (Source: Social Media Examiner)


Positions you as the go-expert who can make effortless sales. Meanwhile, your competitors will have to keep battling against the eerie sound of crickets!


Creates raving fans, addicted subscribers and “OMG! I need this now” buyers.

What Clients Have Said…

Your copy has added tremendous value to the experiences my prospects have with my brand! With 13 years of copywriting experience under my belt, my most successful landing page conversions sat at 8%. You have more than doubled my previous results, consistently converting over 18.85% of all traffic, which translated into over $92K in sales in less than 30 days!

Your results have reminded me, of just how specialised this art of copywriting is, and how simply crazy it would be, for any woman in business, building their business online, to pass the opportunity to have your artwork featured in their marketing.

Amber McLean

Business Coach

Monika entered my life the week after I sent out my first newsletter and blog… I know, right?! She was invited as the guest speaker at our women’s business group, and definitely had me at howdy 🙂

I honestly had no clue what creative copywriting was or how it could have value to me and my business… by the end of the hour I was in love with Monika’s passion for life, in awe by her incredible story, inspired by her talent, and signed up for her writing course!

Malene Hansen Rosenberg

Founder of

I can wholeheartedly recommend Monika’s writing workshop to any business owner who wants more sales and better clients. Monika showed us how to write sales copy without sounding like a sleazy salesman.
My favourite session of the day was the headline-writing part. And I loved the process through which Monika took us during the afternoon as we re-wrote our website’s home page with her skilled guidance.
I had such an awesome time. Monika was a fabulous host who made us all very welcome. If you get any chance to work with this lady, do it.

Julie Hunter

Iconic Star Stylist

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Get signed up to the VIP list now. There are limited spots. Only VIPs Will Get to Save Money at the Launch!


  1. Write clear, captivating content that compels and sells… and wave goodbye to feast and famine business cycles.
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  3. Stop writing overwhelm… when you know how to structure your content you’ll spend less time guessing and more time cashing in the big dollars!