rap·ture // extreme happiness and delight

I was going to tell you how awesome you are. But really? You already know this.

Then again, you can never have enough praise, right?

So here goes… you rock!

I wanted you to know.

This poem is for you… enjoy

You ARE woman. You like to keep your universe orbiting in familiar circles. You shine your most gorgeous SELF when you’re connected to your heart + soul. You’re a genius, and you get turned on when you can radiate your brilliance into the world.

You do this with such eloquence, passion + purity, you turn into a force of nature… irresistible, powerful, MAGNETIC.

You’re a legacy creatrix. A female luminary.

You’re the sun + the moon… the stars + the orbit.

You’re strong + weak. Hot + cold.

You’re committed + uncommitted… black + white.

You. Are. Brilliant. Genius. Visionary.

I love you… your personality… your zest for life. I love you, for being alive.

Your dedication… your drive… your spirit, and your jive.

I love your sass… your style… the quirkiness of your nature and smile.

Your courage… your compassion… your ability to live with passion.


I love your commitment… your charisma… your contribution, to life.

Your light… your path, ever so bright.

I love your glow… your glint… your wisdom, and your mojo.

Your desire… your determination… your willingness to be on fire.

Your flame… of purpose, tenacious, and alight.

I love you… for your strength to be TRUE to YOU!

And I love you for your:

  • Blazing brilliance
  • Scintillating sparkle
  • Incandescent intensity
  • Ravishing radiance
  • Eloquent expression
  • Alluring appeal
  • Sassy spirit
  • Compelling creative nature

There, I said it.