Hola Dynamic Luminary (and you’re welcome, even if you’re of the hairy aka male kind)!

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re ready to uplevel your brand. You’re DONE playing small(er) than you need to, and you’re looking for irresistible communication to turn your website, sales pages and other marketing copy into weapons of mass seduction.

You also want to easily and eloquently attract MORE DREAM clients, right?

creative copywriter for womenGood, because I can help you do that. There’s THREE ways we can work together:

#1 – You can hire me to write your copy. And if you’re looking for results then I TOTALLY recommend you do, because my track record is way above industry standards. Don’t take it from me though, go check out my feedback.

This option is GREAT if you totally get that marketing IS an investment into your business and that you need to spend money to make more aka you’re NOT strapped for cash!

#2 – You can invest in your growth by investing in one of my (super cool + fun) products, to help you sharpen your writing skills. I’ve created these products to help you write authentic, stylish copy while speaking to your DREAM client. You’ll learn how to craft winning marketing campaigns and (re)write a website that rocks your status to the top of your industry!

This option is PERFECT for you if you’re strapped for funds but don’t want to wait to see those dollars roll into your bank account aka your finances ARE tied up elsewhere right now. If they are you should totally check out my SUCCESS VAULT right now.

#3 – You can invest in a coaching session with me (or as most of my coaching clients do go for the package) to help you get unstuck. If you need handholding in getting a marketing campaign together… if you’re looking for a mentor who can kick your butt to move forward (+ I totally will do that)… if you’re done playing small and you want help with anything to do with copywriting or marketing, HIT ME up below.

Let’s talk how I can help you create your million dollar message.

For anything else, such as speaking opportunities, interviews and saying hello (because I rock your world), please use the form below. I’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours

You rock, and it’s time you shared your brilliance with MORE peeps.

Talk soon,

Nika xo

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