“Debunking 5 Common Copywriting Myths”

copywritingmythsYou can find almost as many copywriting myths on the Internet as pebbles on a rocky beach. Almost. A Google search reveals thousands of results. But in all fairness I think their bots need to be tweaked because a lot of the results are not even related to my search term.


Some of these copywriting myths need to be told, again. Ignore them and they could hurt your business.

So let’s get right into it…

Myth #1 – Short copy vs. long copy

I’ve heard it said a thousand times. Short copy is king. Long copy is so 90s. No one wants to read a 14-page sales letter.

Well, your assumption could be DEAD wrong. Here’s why…

The number of objections you have to overcome determines the length of your sales letter!

Read this last sentence again.


Experienced copywriters research, write, sleep on it/meditate/dream about, edit, trim + fine-tune their work with painstaking precision. Great copy is a work of art.

So if 10,000+ words are needed to bring the message across, then that’s exactly what you get. You can rest assured, an experienced copywriter has spent days, sometimes weeks, chopping down your copy to the bare minimum.

Ultimately the copy must address every possible objection.

Myth #2 – You get what you pay for

This is a tricky myth. True to some extent, but often a myth.

Here’s why…

The price is not the issue.

You want to hire a copywriter who has demonstrated proven results for their clients.

RESULTS fatten your bank account. Experience is just an added bonus to save you a lot of the hassles.

In saying this, you can get lucky with a newbie writer who just happens to write some kick ass copy, for you. And BANG. The conversion rates turn mental.

Which brings me to the next myth. Directly related to #2…

Myth #3 – Copy written by a master artisan scribe will make me rich!

Good one! It almost made me snort my morning coffee.

Great, super cool and rocking copy will NOT make you rich. You also need traffic darling heart.

Great copy without traffic is like Rihanna without a recording studio – both will wither away, and be forgotten.

If you do decide to work with a master wordsmith, please budget for marketing and promotion. Get traffic to the letter and for gawdsakes split test.

Myth #4 – A great sales letter + traffic will pay me for years to come

I’m afraid I have to gate crash your party here for a second, or two.

There’s no doubt you’ll make a lot of money with great copy + traffic. But you need to continually optimise your copy to boost conversions.

You can set up A/B split testing pages of your copy with free or paid software. Visual Website Optimizer is a popular split-testing tool. You can sign up for free before committing to a plan. Or if you prefer the simple version why not use Google Analytics instead. They now offer a split testing feature for free. You don’t have to be a pro, just get started and see what happens to your bottom line.

Myth #5 – The best copywriters have an English Degree

No they don’t. As a matter of fact grammar doesn’t even rate in the copywriting world. We often break grammar rules – on purpose.

Many master copywriters haven’t even finished high school. Some are dropouts. Others have had successful careers in a J.O.B. before sacking the boss and getting jiggy with a pen.

And some are not even native English speakers; yet continue to blaze their journey across the orbit + get great results for their clients.

You don’t need a degree to write well. Good writing requires a knack for conversational and engaging copy, lots of practice, a “degree” in psychology self studies (aka an intimate understanding of why people buy), and hard work.

There you go. You now have it in you to make smarter choices for your business. I suggest you base your decisions on facts and not hearsay.

Rock on!

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