Monika Mundell Helping women build irresistible business brands Fri, 01 Jul 2016 15:03:20 +0000 en-US hourly 1 5 Steps to Doubling Your Email Opening Rates (+ how I got 96.09%) Tue, 10 May 2016 06:03:21 +0000 Not happy with your email performance?
Have you got sucky opening rates?
Worse than average click-through rates?
Zero engagement?

It’s alright, I did too. Because I was super lazy!


Until I made some drastic changes. And within one month, my email opening rates doubled and tripled, my click-through rates exploded and the engagement went through the roof.


Here’s what I did…


Step #1 — I switched platforms.


My email marketing love-hate relationship goes back years.


Here’s a list of email platforms I’ve used:


Aweber—Office Autopilot—Aweber—Mailchimp—Get Response—ConvertKit.


And now, I’ve FINALLY come home. *ConvertKit is killing every other service I’ve used in the past. Its platform is designed for simplicity and results (*denotes affiliate link).


CK has excellent customer support, is designed for people like me and rewards you for wanting to do email marketing right—by NOT charging you double for subscribers (like many platforms do when you have people subscribed to several lists).


CK is perfect for burnt-out casual email marketers like me who needed a compelling kick up the ass to get serious.


Step #2 — I got clear on my email marketing purpose.


Up until that point I had just sent emails to my list whenever inspiration struck me—sometimes weekly, other times monthly and during launches up to four times a week.


As you can imagine, the lack of consistency didn’t work so well. So my list was stagnant for years. It didn’t grow. And in hindsight I know why: I didn’t nurture my subscribers.


I was inconsistent (aka lazy).


I made the list about ME instead of THEM!


Lesson learned. Today’s emails are structured and purposeful. I started working with a strategic plan, instead of succumbing to infrequent bursts of inspiration.


Step #3 — I stripped away the fancies and focused on bare essentials.


I stripped away everything from my emails that:


Bloated the design and risked being labelled as “Spam.”


I got rid of the pretty header.
I eliminated the sidebar.
I stopped using images (most of the time).
I no longer include social media buttons and other fancy design elements.


I went back to bare essentials.


That alone immediately increased my opening rates.


My emails are more personal now—kinda like a personal letter you receive from my heart to yours. It made a huge difference in and by itself.


Step #4 — I got better at teasing.


I got serious about using strategic persuasion hacks to increase my email opening rates.


The whole purpose of a subject line is to get your emails opened. So it makes sense to spend a little more time crafting better subject lines that actually get clicked.


And if they do…


Goal achieved.


Would you agree?


Step #5 — I went serial.


Late in 2015 I did a little email experiment. I went serial.




Not serial killer.


I started sending serialised content emails.


And the results?


They speak for themselves.


Check out the before + after screenshots below…


5 Tips to Double Your Email Opening Rates


The first graphic above shows an open rate of 22.71% (before the serialised emails went out)—it was sent to 724 subscribers.


The second graphic shows the results after I segmented the list…


THAT email? It got a whopping open rate of 96.09%. This is almost unheard of!


how to write emails that get opened


This wasn’t a webinar registration email or an opt-in to download something email. It was a regular newsletter, but sent with the sole purpose of increasing the open rate stats. And considering that labelling your emails as newsletter is lame as fuck I’m even more astounded.


I almost fell off my chair when I first saw this. And I knew… I was on to something…


But look what happened to the open rate when I sent them the first email in the series… (that’s right, the general list email open rate went from 22.71% to 29.58%).


emails that get opened


My test validated that serialised content works well. If you’ve never utilised serialised content in your email marketing I suggest you get started.


I moved to ConvertKit early March 2016 because I wasn’t 100% happy with my old program and my email open rates and click-through rates have already doubled or tripled.


Below is just a sample of some of the results:


email marketing 101

email marketing done right

get emails opened, here's how


As you can see, I didn’t make massive changes. I just changed a few things and got more serious about engaging my subscribers, by giving them what they (really) want.


And when you think about it for a second, it is only a start.


I’d love to know, which of these steps will you implement into your email marketing this week?


Not sure you can get 80%+ email opening rates? Let’s talk and see how I can do it for you instead. I can offer you a no-pain done-for-you service to take care of your utmost urgent email marketing needs and help you spark that trust that is so essential for any business transaction.

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How to Channel Your Best Writing Voice Tue, 03 May 2016 15:49:29 +0000 Can you remember the last time you were totally lost in a great book, a blog post or an article?

Can you still feel the rush of excitement you felt while you read the piece?

The thrill.

The emotions!

The anticipation!

Great writing is laced with personality. It’s also concise.

Great writing is in the details and in the stories.

It can be found on the back of wine labels, and on the walls of the ghetto.

It lives in 140 character tweetables and in movie dialogues.

But mostly, it’s never far from people who demonstrate crazy fierce passion for their craft.

Because passionate people care! They care enough to make a difference. They care enough to treat their craft as the holy grail.

When passionate people write you can see the emotions ooze from the page, hitting you right in the heart.


You don’t have to be the best copywriter in the house to channel your best writing voice.

You don’t even need to be a writer.

You need the 3 Ps:

1. Personality — Great writing is always laced with a million fragments and nuances of a writer’s personality.

We love that we can relate to a writer’s:










We relate to humans who write like humans—not robots in training who just try to copy others.

2. Passion — If you’re trying to write when you’re NOT feeling the heat, stop it right there. Heat. Passion. Anger. They’re closely related emotions that trigger us in a big way.

If you want to spark words so that they’re ALIVE. On fire. And demanding a reader’s attention, you must obey rule #567 (rrrright…I totally made that one up).

But really, you should only write when you’re feeling the HEAT. (Thanks Melissa, I get it now.)

When you write with heat your words will pop off the page.

3. Purpose — Before you sit down to write a piece, ask yourself why.

What is the purpose of your article?

What do you want readers to feel, do or understand?

Writing without purpose is like trying to steer a boat without a destination.

THAT would be pointless.

I hope you get my drift. I think you do, because you’re smart like that!


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7 Steps to Master the Art of Persuasion Wed, 13 Apr 2016 18:27:22 +0000 In our world, sales have become an integral part of life. You don’t have to be a business owner to sell or master the art of persuasion. You can persuade your friends to watch the latest episode of Orange is the New Black (+ you totally should) or rave about that new vegan coffee shop in your neighbourhood.

Persuasion is an art form—parts psychology, skill + social influence.


In his book The Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the 21st. Century, Richard M. Perloff outlines five major ways in which modern persuasion differs from the past:

#1. The number of persuasive message has grown tremendously.


We’re bombarded with advertising. Regardless whether you’re online or offline—ads are everywhere. Studies have shown that the average adult is exposed to 300 to over 3,000 ads a day.


#2. Persuasive communication travels at the speed of technology.


As technology advances, so does the speed with which these ads are served to us.


#3. Persuasion is big business.


When you can persuade and charm people with compelling messages, you give them a reason to fall in love with you and/or your brand. Advertising agencies, marketing firms and public relations companies have cashed in big on this demand for decades. And so do we, as business owners.


#4. Contemporary persuasion is subtle.


Persuasion isn’t limited to the skill of selling with words—it incorporates the whole marketing spectrum: copy, design + sound to seduce the consumer.


#5. Persuasion is complex.


In the 1990s it was a lot easier to stand out as a marketer because back then we barely new the Internet. But today, if you want to stand out, you need to get super creative to be seen—because the competition has the same advantages as you. They can market their business at the click of a button and reach millions of people worldwide.



Persuasion is sexy—manipulation is nasty!



You don’t have to be the world’s most skilled persuasive expert to increase sales. You can start with this blog then action the steps you’ll learn.

The first lesson? Persuasion isn’t manipulation! You’re not trying to forcefully shove your products down a customer’s throat. You don’t have to persuade people to buy your stuff—that’s desperation and icky.

Skilful persuasion lets to get into your potential customer’s head so that you can talk to her on her level, using words that are familiar to her.

Step #1 – Learn to walk in her shoes.


Before you can connect with a potential buyer you must learn to walk in her shoes. This means you need to ask yourself “What keeps her awake at night?”

When you understand the fears, frustration and desperation of your people you can connect with ease and make the sale.

Step #2 – Write like she speaks.


If you want to connect with your dream client you’ll need to enter her word world.

What are the common words she uses when describing her problems on social media?

How does she speak?

How does she act?

Where does she hang out?

You want to become her ally—not her enemy. If you’re not interested in how your people feel, you’ll never be able to utilise your persuasion skills naturally, without force or pretence.

When you step into the world of your dream client and interact with an open heart, you’ll get to know her deeply and so, your words will naturally flow with effortless ease.

Step #3 – Seduce with power words.


Power words are the weapon of every successful master persuader. Power words evoke pictures and emotions. Power words trigger an action. Power words can motivate people to bond over a common cause. Power words, if used strategically and in the right association can make or break sales.

Step #4 – What’s in it for her? Why should she care?


Humans are driven by survival. We put our own needs above anything else. This behaviour gets triggered by our evolutionary—not revolutionary survival instinct.

You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself first!

I learned this (hard) lesson years ago. A mentor once asked me, “Why are you in business?” My answer, “I want to help people.” He didn’t let me off the hook and kept asking me the same question for 10 minutes. I kept repeating the same statement while getting more and more distraught until I broke down sobbing like a baby.

In hindsight, I know I sounded like a badly spun record.

I didn’t start my business to HELP people. I started my business to make money. To be FREE. To travel the world.

Because only then can I truly HELP people.

Master persuaders know why they’re in business. They also know why their people are in business.

Step #5 – Paint visuals, with emotion-dripping words.


When you write, you want to use words that paint visuals. Words can trigger powerful visual imagery and emotions—good and bad. You can excite readers. Piss them off. Delight. Thrill. Annoy. Make them feel. Help them see + hear. Give them a reason to believe.

Your words are energy. You should put them to good use.

Step #6 – Become a great storyteller.


Stories are the secret weapon of master persuaders. Why? Because stories don’t make us question what’s being said right from the start. Stories don’t trigger our guard.

Good stories help move the reader past her usual objections—in a fun and engaging way.

If you want to become a better persuader start by studying the master story tellers.

In conversation with Jim Rohn

In conversation with Jim Rohn

Some of the best storytellers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in person were Jim Rohn, Ted Nicolas, Pete Godfrey and Bret Thomson. Then there are the masters I haven’t had the privilege to meet in person, but enjoy in print format. People like Dan Kennedy, David S. Schwartz, Napoleon Hill, Robert Collier and Gary Halbert.

Having a laugh with Ted Nicholas

Having a laugh with Ted Nicholas

I’ve met some amazing luminaries. I’m proud to say that many of them have been clients and become friends. My favourite 3 storytellers in the world are Bushra Azhar, Melissa Cassera and Alexandra Franzen.

Storytelling is a learned skills. As a copywriter I pride myself on my storytelling skills. Yet, I’ll continue to learn and improve on those skills because… why not!

Step #7 – Make your offer irresistible.


What do you do when people don’t buy?

You’ve used your best persuasion skills. You’re meeting the reader in her head and you did your best to write clear, compelling copy. Yet, no sale!

There are 101 reasons why you’re not making the sale.


Your reader could be short on cash flow.

Maybe she’s in a really bad mood.

Maybe she’s about to get ready for work.

Maybe the boss just caught her surfing the net when she should have been working.

Maybe she it’s the colour on your website.

Maybe she doesn’t want to use your order form.

There’s ONLY one solution that will eliminate the MAYBES—testing.


Sure, you can make your offer irresistible and eliminate most of these maybes. You can offer value for money and make it hard for them to resist. But ultimately, you’ll need to test and measure—everything!

To recap: Persuasion is an art form—parts psychology, skill + social influence.


You can study the art of persuasion. You can learn the skill. And you can get started right here by enrolling for the UNBLAH your about page course. It’s free. It gets results. And it teaches you irresistible persuasion skills you can immediately apply to your business. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO ENROL NOW…


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How to STOP Pleasing & Start Teasing Wed, 06 Apr 2016 07:00:46 +0000 In the past few years, a silent epidemic has spread its nasty virus across the inter webs. That epidemic? It sneaked into our lives like the thieves who snuck into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company to pull off the biggest jewellery heist in UK history last year.

(Yeah, they did get caught eventually too.)

This epidemic is responsible for the demise of millions of businesses.

It costs people like you and me hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed profits and it’s so fucking stealth, that it manages to be the single most responsible cause for the lame-ass sameness we see all around us, every. fucking. day. of. the. week.

Let’s call this epidemic Vanilla.

Vanilla is lame.

Vanilla has no backbone, no opinion, no passion, no originality, no PERSONALITY!

Vanilla is happiest when she can follow.

When she gets told what to do and when.

Vanilla doesn’t like to argue, and she would rather keep her opinion to herself to avoid causing an argument OR, goodness forbids… rile up an enemy!

Vanilla is a master at masking her thoughts and emotions in order NOT to stand out. Mind you, it’s not because she doesn’t like controversial topics—but she prefers to be on the safe side as a consumer, rather than an active participant—because she doesn’t want to get caught up in the fight.

Because—heaven forbid—it could make her look like a fool.

In order to stay SAFE, Vanilla has dedicated her life (+ business) to standing on the sidelines and watching on (with various degrees of envy) as others march past her to claim the limelight.

She’s a follower.

She’s a reactor.

Vanilla is quite happy in her false sense of safety. Let’s just say ignorance CAN be bliss.

And herein lies the whole fucking issue!

Unless Vanilla stands up and takes a stand and starts doing things her way, like sharing her fierce beliefs and opinions, she will NEVER be one of the leaders she aspires to be.

She will never be a millionaire.

She will never have the time freedom and abundance she wants.

She will never get noticed in the sea of same-ness.

Can you recognise Vanilla in and around you?

I know I have. I stuck a mirror in front of myself and what I saw repulsed me. It made me want to gag at my lameness.

Seriously! But like you, I’m only human. I grow every day. I fuck up. I move on. I’m intelligent enough not to repeat the same mistakes. Although, sometimes I do.

Yep. That’s just who I am.

Maybe you want to gag too, when you’re game enough to look in that mirror?

I DARE you to.

Maybe your persona contains slivers of Vanilla… or chunks?

Maybe you’re done playing small?

Maybe you’re ready to take your seat in the limelight?

Or maybe… you just had a gut full of being so-so… average… boring!

Nice, but boring. Yawn! Can we just pass on the remote and go to sleep already?

However, if you’re READY to change your flavour, this is what needs to happen first:

You must embrace your shadows and light them up for the world to see.

You must honour your opinion above the opinion of others and not be afraid to state them (and FYI: it is possible to be opinionated + courteous).

You must be willing to share your views and be imperfectly imperfect, and accept that BOLDNESS and AUTHENTICITY make for a killer combo that results in enemies (you can’t please everyone all the time).

You must learn to respect yourself more than others, meaning… stop giving away your power to others. Stop being so fucking nice all the time if it is costing you your happiness + success.

But above everything else, you need to stop pleasing others. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

If you don’t want to do it, say NO.

If you can’t manage, admit it.

Superheroes have faults too. They’re messed up. Like you + I.

You don’t have to HAVE all the answers all the time and be at the ready for everyone else, especially NOT at the expense of your happiness and wellbeing.

If you want to tease people with your awesomeness, start showing us your PERSONALITY!

Be bold. Fierce. Opinionated. Proud. Angry. Take risks!


And be brutal in eliminating stuff (+ people) from your life that no longer serve you.

No leader has become a leader by staying small, safe, protected.

If you want something bad enough, fight for it.


Want to tease people with your words?


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How to Tease Readers Into a Buying Frenzy Wed, 30 Mar 2016 22:51:12 +0000 So recently I was privy to the BEST fucking launch ever in the history of launches!

I’ve seen a ton of launches since starting my first business back in 2004. Most of them were… average. Some were OK-ish, and a small number were impressive enough to hold my attention…

But the sweet—deliciously gooey and yummy—Nutella launch award goes to my friend Bushra Azhar. I love that woman.

She is BRILLIANT. A nerd maybe, but a brilliant nerd nonetheless!

I learned more from her about (ethical) persuasion in just four weeks than I’ve learned from all my copywriting mentors and coaches. Mind you, I’ve had some of the most awesomest coaches. But B is awesomer because she is a persuasion nerd.

Since studying her genius, my email opening rates have doubled and tripled.

My click-through rates look so much better already, and I have yet to crack open EPS 2.0. 

(Yeah suckers, I went to battle and got the coveted licence, so bite me!)


The truth is… Bushra is da bomb diggity in all things persuasion. 

I’m not surprised to see why her customers are eagerly buying everything she offers.

When I grow up I want to be more like B. To have her magic. Her persuasive powers. I’m almost 50 years young and I haven’t given up hope just yet. 

B is a brilliant persuasion master. She’s built a successful business in a language that isn’t native to her mother tongue—like me.

I like B because I can relate to her in so many ways. (Can you spot her secret super powers here?)

I can relate to her, yet she always manages to surprise you with the unexpected—and delights you with her sparkling personality.

I can relate to her business success, and her strange accent that sounds wery vonderful indeed.

(FYI: that wasn’t a spelling error, B will totally get the joke.)

So B did this launch that went down as the most hypnotic tease in the history of launches.

It was a feeding frenzy.

People were desperate to fling their credit cards her way so that she could take their damn money.




I was right in the middle of the action. Ready to buy, feeling… wanting… desperate for the high. 

It. was. that. GOOD!

Oh yeah! It was great. The rush. The madness. The craziness.

And in the middle of it all. Her website crashed.

The crowd went wild.

Poor B was in hysterics—understandably. Her designated helper Seema turned into the supremest version of Warrior Woman. Seema fucking owned the chat roll and rode the frenzied wave of comments with the coolest supreme skills of a true champion. I love that woman. If you want a true support rock star by your side, you’ve got to holler to Seema, because she is da bomb diggity!

Can you picture the hysterics, tears and frustration? Can you visualise the raw emotions as they gripped us in their fangs… (got it?), GREAT!

Want to know what happened next? 

The rest was pure fucking MAGIC!

We did what humans do best when the best-laid plans go to shit.

We bantered. We connected. We were charged up. Felt alive. And we supported each other with the best comments (+ love) anyone could wish for in moments like these.

It’s hard to explain the magic we felt. 

If you weren’t part of the experience, I’m really sorry you missed out. Because the lessons we all learned that day are going to stay with us and help us build better businesses for the rest of our lives. The proof is in B’s community.

So how do you tease readers into a buying frenzy?

B’s launch went down like a perfectly orchestrated striptease because of the following reasons:

She researched her people’s most desperate wants, needs + desires.

She understands her tribe’s language and what words they use to describe their problems and frustration.

She teased us, with persuasive language that spoke to our greed + fears.

She then ignited our greed with a slow-mo unravelling of the benefits to come.

Throughout the entire launch B was approachable, likeable + relatable to her people.

B did it her way; meaning, she infused every nuance of the launch with her personal flavour and magic. This made her stand out from all the so-so marketing out there and resulted in over $100K in sales in 48 hours.



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5 Myths About Marketing Automation — BUSTED! Thu, 03 Mar 2016 10:39:44 +0000 5mythsaboutmarketingautomationbusted

Sales automation has long been associated with spammy email content and pushy sales. In fact, a lot of the early marketers are responsible for the way women in general think about marketing.

  • They perceive it as icky.
  • They believe marketing is sleazy.
  • They are afraid of marketing.
  • Marketing confuses them.


And that’s just a start!

The good news? People like me, a new generation of marketers, have committed themselves to setting the record straight by educating our peers.

I won’t lie to you, it’s a tough job at times, because something that is so ingrained in society like our HATRED for marketing requires patience and education to level out.

The problem is that most women throw ALL types of marketing into the same bucket. It’s like parking a Ferrari next to a junk car and then comparing the too.

If you’re guilty of the above, you’re insulting marketers who care!

Please STOP it already. Because no two marketers are the same. The way I see it, you have an obligation to yourself and your business to learn how to become a better marketer, otherwise you’re going to be left behind.

No scare tactics necessary! It’s simply common sense.

Don’t believe me? Allow me to press play on two scenarios.



FEAR is a 40 something business coach who has ignored all opportunities to learn marketing automation.

Her reality is this:

She is confused about what she should be doing to get more clients.

She is scared about techie stuff — that stuff freaks her out — and so, she just ignores the topic and goes back to playing CandySaga on Facebook.

Because of her lack of clarity FEAR is pulled in too many directions all the time and spends the little money she has on bright shiny objects (BSOs) in the hopes that THIS thing is going to make her rich.

FEAR doesn’t see the obvious. Her self destructive behaviour is making OTHER people rich — other people with AUTOMATED sales funnels.

She struggles to make enough money to pay the bills. It causes her a huge amount of heartache and stress.

Her idea of marketing is to attend boring networking meetings (where the same crowd of people seem to hang at the bar in the hopes of snatching a free drink) and no one is really interested in buying something.

FEAR’S highlight is when she can collect a bunch of business cards to take home. She thinks those are the holy grail and if only she had enough, she would become a success story, like that speaker she so adores.

She desperately wants more clients, but doesn’t know how to reach them.

Her stress and lack of income affect her whole life.

She struggles to focus because she is always tired and doesn’t know how to make room for everything in her life including family and so — the negative vibes keep feeding her fears.

FEAR has no list — except an ancient spreadsheet of outdated contacts on her hard drive, and she doesn’t KNOW that she may be violating international Spam laws by pitching her business to a list of people from her personal email account.

What saddens me is knowing that FEAR could have a fighting chance to build a successful business.

OPPORTUNITY is also a woman, she is 53.

OPPORTUNITY has worked hard on getting her sales funnel set up, but knows that she is in control now — she is no longer controlled by her fears, because numbers NEVER lie.

She starts each day with a cup of coffee, while reading her subscriber and sales statistics. What once felt like this HUGE scary beast feels actually almost joyful and fun now. I mean, what’s not to like about seeing that you made a couple of sales while you were dreaming about running naked on the beach?

OPPORTUNITY understands that her sales funnel is working for her and that in order to make more money she simply has to drive more traffic to her landing page. She’s excited about the possibilities and she now knows that automation is helping her keep her sanity.

OPPORTUNITY no longer worries about those tiny repetitive tasks that used to suck so much time out of her working day. She now has extra time to play and do with as she pleases.

Actually implementing this automation thing with the help of her mentor has taken away the fear about marketing and OPPORTUNITY can’t wait to replicate her new knowledge for that super sexy new program she is keen to launch.

OPPORTUNITY wasn’t afraid to make the difficult choice to up level her business because she knew that unless she changed her attitude to marketing, she would continue to get the same lame ass results of the past.

Do you feel like you know FEAR or OPPORTUNITY?

Where do you think you fit in?

Look, we’re having a pretty damn scary conversation here right now. This stuff is important! For you and for me.

Because we need sales to feed out children or our ambition.

You can choose to make easier sales or hard sales. It’s your choice entirely.

But before you let FEAR keep ruling your decisions, allow me to tell you a little more about the 5 Myths About Marketing Automation — and BUST the shit out of them!

Deal? Thank you.

Myth #1 — You believe that marketing is sleazy and hypey.

Sure, it can be. But it doesn’t have to. I bet you can think of at least a small handful of women in business whose marketing you adore, because hello… you signed up to their lists and even brought their stuff.

Well, marketing done well is really about building community and relationships with clients worldwide.

But you CAN’T do that if you don’t have a sales funnel and no leads.

You can’t nurture the relationship, unless you pick up the phone and call the people whose business cards you collected. And you need to keep calling them often to build a relationship.

Nurturing is like dating. It’s a slow process that requires multiple touch points you can automate or semi automate. This is something you can never do with networking meetings and business cards.

Think about it.

What I do know is that people CRAVE real life connections these days. And that’s exactly why an automated marketing strategy will come so handy because once your list grows, your popularity grows. And as your popularity grows the demand for you to speak on all sorts of stages will grow.

So you’re getting automation + real life connections.

Myth #2 — You think that marketing automation is sending a number of spammy emails.

Look, I cannot blame you for thinking like that. Because it’s those pesky email spammers that have given marketing such a bad reputation.

In reality, if you focus on sending your subscribers value-rich content they’ll love you for it.

Early this year I did an email marketing test that got me an opening rate of 93% by segmenting my list and sending them strategic emails full of value.

The results turned out way better than I was hoping for.

Imagine how your business would improve from just doing email marketing better. That’s just one of the things I’ll be teaching you with SPARK Automation when it launches in May, when you decide to join us.

Myth #3 — You still think that marketing funnels have to be complicated to work.

When you read this blog, you’ll likely change your mind.

OR, click the image below to get access to a FREE video tutorial that shows you how you can create simple funnels.

Myth #4 — You secretly hope that once you put a sales funnel into play you can go spend your days beach hopping, or yoga retreating or coffee dating.

Make no mistake! An automated sales funnel WILL save you tons of time. Time you’re wasting right now on mundane tasks. But it won’t be the holy grail of riches and success, unless you work it baby!

  • A sales funnel without traffic is like a car without fuel — it goes nowhere.
  • A sales funnel needs constant tweaking — to optimise the results you get which really is just another way of saving you precious dollars.
  • Regardless how many of these funnels you have, your business will always need some manual input from humans like you — not robots.

So the best way to look at a sales funnel is to imagine that Ferrari being driven by a Gentleman driver, consistently bringing new people to your ‘hood.

These people are interested to learn more about you. They crave solutions. Once they get deposited in your ‘hood, your sales funnel and YOU work together to turn them into raving fans, then clients, then fans for life.

Make sense?

Myth #5 — You think that automation may be good for some, but it’s not really ideal for your business.

Let me ask you a question: what is not ideal about driving a consistent stream of leads and new paying clients into your sales funnel?

Unless you don’t like money I’m not buying your excuse. And even if you DON’T like money, I’m pretty sure you would LOVE the choices you’ll get when money flows freely.

  • The ability you’ll have to donate time to whatever causes you like.
  • The freedom to sponsor people into your programs, because you can.
  • The joy in being able to change more lives because money gives you those privileges.


Money is not the problem? Your attitude to money is if you honestly believe that money is evil.

Look, at the end of the day it’s up to you what you do or not do with your business. If you felt called to side with OPPORTUNITY in this blog then I’d love to invite you to become a SPARK VIP. 


Once you’ve pressed play on your first simple sales funnel, you can repeat the process as often as you feel called to launch.

Before I wrap up this blog I want to take the time to thank you, for sticking around till the end. I’m sure you’ve got lots to think about, lot’s to digest.

Before you go, please take a minute to share with me your biggest learning from this post in the comments below. Make my day! You’re adorable.



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The Badass List of Business Tools I Use and Love Thu, 03 Mar 2016 05:57:39 +0000 thebadasslistofbusinesstoolsiuseandlove
I’ve been in business since 2004 and I’ve lost count of all the tools I’ve used over the years to help me simplify some of my work.
But I’ve never… I mean NEVER been so excited as I am about our possibilities today. Today’s marketer has access to a wealth of fabulous apps, plugins, systems and more to help us save time — many of them are FREE, so you’re saving money too.

What’s not to like about that?

From where I’m sitting, I will choose the free version over the paid version any day, IF (CAPITAL IF) the application does exactly what I need it to do.
Sometimes, however you will have to reach into your pockets and pull out that well thumbed credit card.
I have, for all the tools mentioned below and I’m pumped about paying for them because they work for me, even when I’m not.

Goodbye to overwhelm and HELLO to Lead gen made easier! — Clean, responsive and fast lead generation that gives me insights into the behaviour of my visitors. Oh yeah baby!
I have the $197 / year plan and it allows me to do everything I need for my business.
ConvertKit — My most epic email crush buddy EVER. Nuff said. I’m a newly converted fan, but GIRL do I already love what I see.
Plans start from $29 / month for up to 1,000 subscribers and then increase as your subscriber number increases.
That’s right, unlike with other applications like Mailchimp and Aweber you only pay once for each subscriber with CK.
That in itself is a biggie, but that’s not WHY I switched.
WordPress — You have business, you need website. That’s all.
WebinarAlly — My latest webinar crush, because the rejoin live webinar feature will probably save my ass sooner or later when my Internet connection plays dirty.
And it only cost me $27 bucks. Aaaand I can have unlimited people on my live webinars. Need I say more?
ScreenFlow — The.Best.Screen.Recording.Software.Ever. Seriously though, I’m in loooove with this application. It works in Windows too in case you’re still playing with those weird machines. Teehee…
Dropbox — They call it cloud storage. I call it piece of fucking mind.
Roboform — I’d be truly lost (+ probably hacked onto the Hack-a-ton top 10 victims chart) without this password manager.
Skype call recorder — Does exactly what it says.
Zippy Courses / Teachable — If you’re selling courses, you need one of these. It will be one of the best investments you make this year.
I used to fart around with OptimizePress 2.0, for hours at a time to set up a new course. I spent exactly 4 hours the other night to move one of my existing courses into Teachable. I still need to go in there and update some of the info, but this platform has already saved me a ton of time. BOOM! 
Acuity Scheduling — Book strategy and client calls on autopilot. Sweet. 
This application even sends me text alerts when someone books calls with me. Definitely a bonus if you’re out and about often.
Note: In the interest of full disclosure you need to know that some of the links here are affiliate links, which means that if you buy through my link, John and I will be able to afford an extra Mojito or two on our next cruise — but NOT the whole cruise ship.

Love saving money? Yeah me too.

Here are my favourite FREE business tools that I use daily.
Gmail — Because it allows me to read ALL my emails in the one convenient location on any device, no matter where I am.
YouTube — Because video is king, well… copy is still king but that’s me being possessive. HAHA.
Apple Pages — Better than Word and free for Mac lovers like me.
Keynote — The best tool to make slides and snazzy playbooks. If you’re interested in a free Playbook Playshop webinar training, comment below with a HELL YEAH.
Skype — Works well, unless I’m cruising. 🙂
Stripe — Fabulous payment processor that doesn’t require you to jump through financial hoops before you get approved.
PayPal — A necessary evil!
Hotjar — Wanna stalk your stalkers? This is how you do it baby!
Wufoo / SurveyMonkey — If you offer free strategy calls you can use these tools to weed out tyre kickers.
Evernote — A handy-dandy web clipper and all-round note keeping tool.

That’s it. This is My Badass List of Automation Tools I Use and Love.

Have I forgotten something? Drop me a line below if you feel I forgot to mention a life-saving business automation tool and I might include it here, with a special mention to you.
That’s it for now. Thanks so much for sticking around and reading till the end. 
Go be great! Keep sparkling.

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Why You Should Automate Your Business Wed, 02 Mar 2016 21:07:52 +0000 WHY YOU SHOULDAUTOMATE YOURBUSINESS


The thought of automating some parts of your business is scary… at least for some business women. At the very least, it’s incredibly overwhelming!


It was once scary to me too, because I tried to overcomplicate this whole sales funnel thing.


When I think about it now, it actually shits me, because I wasted soooooo much time.


I bought far too many courses that were supposed to teach me how to set up my sales funnels — some were actually GOOD — but most of them put me in a year-long collision course with plugins, applications and my brain. TOTAL overwhelm!


At one stage my brain got so mushy I just let it all go.


I flicked my middle finger to all my half-completed sales funnels and was done with it. Or so I thought… until I saw this: F*ck YEAH gave me hope again. Mariah Coz totally is my latest girl crush. Psst…


The sad thing was that I actually knew this stuff already. I had all the knowledge in my head. But I just ignored it, because I thought there had to be shinier, better funnels.


Oh how wrong I was (thanks Mariah). Sometimes simplicity is all we need.


We don’t need a shiny sales funnel. We just need a f*cking funnel to put our sales on autopilot. Simplicity makes automation doable for women like us.


Simplicity makes automation doable for women like us.


Yep. THAT word again — AUTOMATION!


  • Automation fills your bank account with money, even while you sleep.
  • Automation gives you back your time, and your sanity.
  • Automations gives you more FREEDOM, to do whatever the heck you want.
  • Automation leverages your expertise without hassles, and effort. Once your funnels as set up you can focus on sending traffic to the front end of your sales funnels and the system will care care of the rest.


Automation is sexy as hell and I’m just so freaking excited about the next 12 months in my business, because right now, I’m automating the shit out of my sales funnels to free up even more time for my creative pursuits.


Can you SEE the potential? Ding. Ding.


Automation is perfect for you if you never have time to do the things you really want to do, like reading a book, taking a bath, going on an extended holiday… you know, stuff that rocks your heart + soul.


If you’re not using sales automation in your business, it means you’re wasting precious time every day, repeating stuff manually that can be automated.


If you’re not using sales automation in your business, it means you’re wasting precious time every day, repeating stuff manually that can be automated.


Knowing that, kinda sucks.




So what can you automate?


  • You can automate all the repetitive tasks you do in your business every week.
  • You can automate list building and lead generation.
  • You can automate processes and turn them into systems.
  • You can automate client scheduling, webinars, sales, emails, and so much more.


Click on the image below to watch a free video that shows you exactly how to set up your first simple automation funnel



I would love to hear from you:


What is your biggest takeaway from this blog and how will you introduce automation funnels in your business?


Remember to keep sparkling your brilliance. We need it!



Look Behind the Scenes of Success Tue, 28 Jul 2015 11:17:05 +0000 behindthescenesofsuccess

I LOVE my work. I love that it allows me the FREEDOM to do it anywhere in the world.

I am a woman in business. I am a SOLO entrepreneur.

I run my business on my own – I am my own boss and my most productive and favourite employee.

I work in a home office with no open plan workstations, no nail filing receptionists and no gossiping colleagues by the water-cooler.


The Internet, this amazing vehicle which allows me the ability to run my business the way I do, also gives me the opportunity to connect with other equally passionate, talented, driven, and generous, heart-centered business women.

There is a saying – “Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they will help you push for and realize your own.”

And I’ve done exactly this. Over the years I have established my own TRIBE of beautiful soul sisters.

Other women in business who, like me, have chosen this path because they believe in what they have to offer. They are coaches, designers and speakers… they are entrepreneurs and empaths. They are artists, writers and marketing geniuses.

They all share the same desire to change the world. Each one of them working independently, but never alone.

They are my cheerleaders, my motivators and my collective sounding board. My SUPPORTERS.

This is great, because while I am my own boss, I also play another role.

I am my own biggest NEMESIS. My harshest CRITIC.

I am that annoying officemate who knows all of my flaws and insecurities. The one who is the first to undermine my confidence by pissing all over my great new idea. The one who tells me I’m not good enough, smart enough or special enough to make a difference.

The fake friend who entices me to play games or go out for a drink when I should be working. The one who make me miss my deadlines by letting me procrastinate.

That prick who always steals my lunch from the shared fridge!

I’m guessing YOU have that “co-worker” in your business?

What do you do with such a workplace bully?

This is where my community – my “society sisters” come in. They surround me with their positive energy and their wisdom. They support me and uplift me with their powerful insight and give me advice gained from their years of similar experience.

They beat the crap out of that bad gal/guy.

We all need to protect ourselves from what it is that stopping us from greatness.

Especially if that thing is… OURSELVES.

Being part of a supportive community doesn’t mean that it’s all about “holding hands and singing Kumbaya”. We don’t always agree, but we are always HONEST. I can rely on them to give me constructive and truthful feedback on my ideas or plans.

And I would do the same for them. Always.

They have my back, and I have theirs. Because we all want each other to succeed.

Who are you surrounding yourself with?


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Reasons Why You need an Elite Coach! Tue, 21 Jul 2015 05:00:05 +0000 whyyouneedanelitecoach
Don’t we just love our sporting heroes? Did you watch and cheer when Usain “Lighting” Bolt smashed records to win gold at the London Olympics? Are you as mesmerised as I am by Serena Williams’ pure strength, agility and finesse?

It is the ATHLETES who win medals, become celebrity darlings and sign contracts for large sums of cash. They attribute their success to talent, pure determination, hard work and lots of sacrifice.
And something else….

Behind every one of our loved athletes are their COACHES.

The ones who planned their PROGRAMS, closely monitored their PROGRESS, and kept them ACCOUNTABLE.

These coaches took the natural, raw ability, and used their own experience and expertise to transform these talented youngsters into SUPERSTARS.

“There’s times when you want to doubt yourself. But coach is always there to say, ‘Don’t worry, I know what I can do to make you run faster, and what you need to do to go faster.'” – Usain Bolt on Coach Glenn Mills

Not all of us are amongst the sporting elite. Not all of us dream of standing on a podium in front of a wild ecstatic crowd and our nation’s flag.

AND not all of us use Lorna Jane leggings for other reasons than wearing with Ugg Boots and eating ice cream in front of the TV.

But we DO have something in common with our sporting heroes.


We all have something to give.

You are AMAZING at what you do.



  • You may be still playing in “The minor leagues.”
  • You may not have “kicked any goals” in a while.
  • Your competitors may be getting ahead of you.
  • You may not have a PLAN or PROGRAM to follow.
  • You may not have your own group of “cheerleaders” to motivate you.



Let’s face it – being a solo entrepreneur is NOT an easy road.

My business thrived through the highest highs, and survived the lowest lows. What pulled me through the lows was the wisdom and SUPPORT of my chosen MENTORS.

And what I learned from them was more precious than Olympic Gold, and put me back on the road to where I am today – living my dream lifestyle, travelling the world with my dream man.

And helping others like me, people who are passionate about their business, to achieve their dreams.

Every person in business (and in life) needs that special individual (or group of people) who will lift you up, set you goals to shoot for.

Someone who has been exactly where you are, has learned from their mistakes, and who has a vested interest in your success, and in you achieving your dreams. And someone who has established a tribe of like-minded and passionate people, all wanting to support you and each other.

We all need someone to make sure we get the SHIT DONE that we say we are going to do. So we can all cross the finish line together.

Who is YOURS?


Just because you work in business SOLO does not mean you have to play the game ALONE. Join my FB group (it’s FREE).





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