Day #25 – Danielle LaPorte Desire Map

danielle laporte desire map

It’s day #25 of my Danielle LaPorte Desire Map blog challenge. A challenge I have set myself – without prompts from anyone else, to blog my journey while working with my core desired feelings. Today calls for a progress report, because I can feel my world spinning at a massive rate of change, thanks to taking massive action.

3 Things I’ve learned this past month.

1. Since starting my self-imposed blogging challenge I’ve come to understand what it really means to follow through with a huge task, without the anticipated support from many others.

I can tell you right now, it’s a fucking lonely journey at times. No comments, no social media sharing, no interaction… all reasons enough to just let it all slide with an excuse of “having picked a stupid idea.”

But that’s NOT who I am. I’m tough. Tenacious. Committed. And I’ve never been someone who gives up easily.

So the lesson I take from this challenge is two fold:

  1. I’m proud of myself and Lisa over at Caffeinated Creations, because we’re almost there, and we stuck with it, despite the loneliness and lack of support
  2. And I also believe that while I may have not had the support I was hoping for – on this journey, I’m actually standing taller… prouder… wiser for having travelled thus far.

2. I’ve also realised that an idea/ concept/ product is worth sharing for the sake of spreading the message far and wide.

And while Danielle already has plenty of extra support to help her share her amazing work… I feel compelled to do this journey anyway.

So much so I’ve shared my CDFs from stage last weekend, while presenting my story and success from stage – to some 160+ people. And as a result I’ve had people come up to me to tell me how much they’ve loved that particular part of the presentation.

This proves that we can never have too much information about values. Hence this 28-day journey.

3. The third lesson I’ve learned is probably the hardest of them all.

I’ve learned to stand strong, and let go of un-supporting relationships.

I’ve always been extremely intuitive. I can “sense” someone’s mood – whether I speak to them in person, on the phone, or via social media. The label to describe this ability is called… clairsentience. I can sense whether someone hangs out with me because they’re honestly wanting to build the friendship, or just use me as a vehicle to advance their agenda.

Despite my inherent ability to sense people’s motives I’ve always let myself be abused - emotionally +  spiritually. And in doing so I’ve discredited my own powerful ability to see TRUTH.

Well. NO MORE!

As a matter of fact I’ve already cut the relationships strings with so called friends. People who sucked up to me (because I let them) and promptly abused the sacred friendship with selfish little stunts. In hindsight I’m grateful for these lessons. The clarity I found about my values has helped me say no to pretenders.

It’s been a fantastic ride… and continues to ebb and flow as I learn more valuable lessons from living with my core desired feelings.

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  • Gail Bennell


    I just wanted to say hi – and you are NOT alone! I had no idea you were feeling unsupported :-( I have been following your posts, but from my phone, and I hate writing comments on my phone…

    I’m proud of you (and inspired too!) of your commitment to sharing yourself so openly through these posts.

    (by the way – well done on getting up on stage – you rock!)

    Keep on being true to yourself

    • Monika Mundell

      Mwah Gail, thank you! Your comment made my day. I appreciate you said what you did, because sometimes I do wonder whether I’m just carrying on a conversation with myself. :)

      Knowing someone like you is out there cheering me on gives me a fuzzy feeling in my heart. Which makes it obvious that I need a mobile friendly website too. xo

      • Gail Bennell


        It’s hard when noone responds. Almost no one comments on my Speechy TV episodes either – but then later people tell me they enjoy watching them!

        I think people are scared about being the first commenter too!

        • Monika Mundell

          Yes it is. Funny that. I guess we’re all just so darn busy it becomes harder every day to keep track.