Day #19 – 7 Love Notes You Can Send to Clients

Dear client, I love you!

Dear client, I love you!

Love is… being totally transparent and loved for your sake. In a business sense love is so much more than just gaining the respect, appreciation and friendship of your clients. Love in business is rapture… gratitude… flirting… marriage… resonance… an exchange of charged up electricity… soul connection… purpose exchange.

Declare your love and mean it.

So tell clients how you feel. Reach out and embrace them as humans, not machines with endless streams of cash. Demonstrate your love. Be more than just a money machine. Give time. Lend an ear. Do something for free, it won’t kill you, nor will it send you bankrupt.

Most importantly though… give love where love is due. If you want to know how I feel about you… please click on the link above with my rapture poem. I wrote it – for you.

7 Love notes you can send to clients

Dear [client], I was thinking about you today. I love you, for honouring your purpose + your passion. Keep the flame burning brightly. It kindles my soul. 

Dear [client], I dreamt about you last night. I was dreaming we were creating magic. Together, for the purpose of helping you spread your gorgeous wings. Your presence made me feel vibrant. Alive. On fire. And working with you is a sacred gift of service I treasure. I’m drinking to you, with the bubbles of joy that exist in my heart. 

Dear [client], has anyone asked you today how you’re doing? Well. Here I am. Asking you. I care, for you. And I wanted to let you know. The world is full of noise. And it can become a challenge to filter through it. So here I am… whispering you a sweet message of gratitude and appreciation. You rock! And I wanted you to know.

Dear [client], rain is dancing on my window, darkness is closing on the world outside. But the thought of working with you has just lit up my heart + soul. I feel privileged for being able to serve you. Your dream is my dream. I’m rooting, for you.

Dear [client], I love you. I love your unbridled passion for your cause. I love the strength with which you blast your way across the zenith horizon. You are a remarkable woman/man. You are amazing. And I’m forever grateful for the experiences you help me create.

Dear [client], you’re so engagingly enthusiastic you make Richard Branson look like a boring fart. Being in your virtual presence gives me a high no sugary treat or drug could ever match. I love you.

Dear [client], you + me. Let’s create magic. Let me be your bunny rabbit, so I can turn you into a magnificent magician. Just feed me carrots. And grace me with an occasional pat for the soul. No matter what. I think the world of you.

Over to you. How do you declare love to your clients?


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