Day #23 – Writing Challenge


Ash Ambridge put out a writing challenge the other day. I believe it was a brilliant idea. To be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve participated in one of these challenges. I have to say my muse loved this creative challenge… and so did hubby.

The prompt was to pick a random item from within the room and sell it to her.

So I settled on a floor lamp. The idea was to write a compelling, short narrative and weave some good copy into the letter to sell a pre-loved household item to someone else.

Here goes… after much cajoling, massaging, reading out loud and editing. I hope you like it.

Floor Lamp

You spent ages at the book shop choosing the next novel.

Outside a vicious thunderstorm was bending trees and blocking gutters.

Thoughts of snuggling up in your favourite armchair on a cold winter night gave you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. Meanwhile the rain was pelting away at the bookstore windows.

You spent close to an hour playing a mental tug of war, trying to decide between the “Hunger Games Trilogy” and “50 Shades of Grey.”

In the end the shop assistant took pity on you and suggested you buy both trilogies. To his delight you did.

And now you’re glad because…

You’re looking forward to hours of reading indulgence.

Your carefully planned escape into a virtual world of love, passion and war is lighting you up – from deep inside.

You’ve already set aside precious time every Saturday night for the next 90 days. Yours to indulge with your favourite winter drink in hand. A mug of spiced chocolate.

You’re looking forward to warm your heart and soul with a mug of chilli-spiced cocoa, while your mind escapes into the wonderful world of fantasy.

But unless you illuminate your book’s pages with a reliable source of lighting, your books will turn out to be fodder to stoke the fireplace at best.

In the interest of avoiding eye strain and giving you hours of unspoilt reading pleasure, we have the perfect solution, for you. Our pre-loved, flexible 400 Lumen Ikea Lersta floor lamp directs its beam of light wherever you want. So all you have to do is flick the switch.

Its light guiding you from start to “The End.”


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