Day #24 – 7 Steps to Master the Art of Persuasion


Persuasive writing is a learnt skill. Anyone can learn it, as long as you’re prepared to practice your writing skills. This is an article I wrote back in 2011 for some of my newsletter subscribers. And the information is as good as ever before. Enjoy. Step #1 – Learn to walk in their shoes: Before you can attempt to connect with potential buyers you must learn to walk in their shoes. This means you need to enter the conversation in their head and ask yourself “what keeps them awake at night?”

You are NOT your client.

Put aside your own judgment and feelings for once. Aim to get into the hearts and the heads of your market. It’s the fastest way to make that sale. Learn to speak their language and you will be heard.

Step #2 – Talk their talk and write in the language they speak: Every niche shares common words, phrases and body language. To be able to successfully connect with your prospects on an emotional and personal level you need to become one of them. Authentically.

What are the common words they use when looking for answers to their problems?

  • How do they speak?
  • How do they act?
  • Where do they hang out and with whom?

Zig Ziglar said, “The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity”

Become an ally, rather than the enemy. It allows you to utilise your persuasion skills naturally, without force or pretense.

When you immerse yourself into the world of your prospects you choose the right words automatically – you become one and the same person.

Step #3 – Use power words: Power words are the weapons of every successful master persuader. Words can evoke pictures and emotions. Words can trigger action.

Words can turn people on, for what you’ve got to give.

Words, if used strategically and in the right context can make or break your sales process.

Step #4 – Consider “what’s in it for them”: When readers digest your message they always ask themselves “what do I get from this if I buy?” or “what’s in it for me?”

Most people put their own needs first. Good on you if you do. Contrary to what some people say it’s not selfish to be concerned about your own wellbeing, before you worry about the wellbeing of others’.

Because you cannot help others if you can’t help yourself first!

It’s self-preservation and survival.

I had to learn this lesson in a confronting way. A couple of years back one of my mentors ask me why I’m in business. My answer, “I want to help people, that’s why I’m doing what I do.” Upon closer questioning I kept repeating this statement for about 10 minutes… until I broke down in tears. My mentor just kept digging deeper and deeper until I was so confused about my reason why I broke down.

In hindsight, I sounded like a badly spun record. The exercise prompted me to re-evaluate my values and now I understand my reasons why – the real ones for being in business.

My primary goal is to attain ultimate time freedom to do what I really want to do in life… travel, teach, educate, spend time with the people and animals I love, and help others realise their potential. I want to spend time on my terms, not on the terms of my clients, a boss or tyre kickers.

You have your own reasons why you’re doing what you do. We all do. Think about that and don’t be afraid to claim your bubble of happiness.

Getting back to the WIIFM question; you can counteract it by offering value. When your prospects perceive your offer to be valuable for the exchange of their money and time, they’ll hand over their money without blinking an eye.

Master persuaders know this. 

Step #5 – Paint the picture with words: Words can be used to paint a picture of any imaginary dream. By using the right words you trigger your readers’ emotions – good or bad.

Your painted picture helps them see what they want or don’t want.

Step #6 – Become a great storyteller: Stories are the secret weapon of master persuaders. Why? Because stories don’t make us question what’s being said.

Stories don’t trigger our guard.

When you learn to tell great stories you also learn how to move the reader past their usual objections – in a fun and engaging way. Study the master storytellers and use storytelling in your promotions.

I’ve met some amazing storytellers during the years I’ve been in business. My absolute favourite was Jim Rohn. He had this compelling presence… as soon as he spoke to a packed room of attentive listenres you were SOLD on his wisdom, jokes, charm, and lessons.

My copywriting mentors David Garfinkel, Pete Godfrey and Bret Thomson drilled the importance of storytelling into me tirelessly.

And then there are the storytellers whose stories I’ve been enjoying in print and online media, such as Dan Kennedy, Robin S. Sharma, David S. Schwartz, Napoleon Hill, Robert Collier and Gary Halbert.

I’ll never stop trying to perfect the art of storytelling. I consider myself an eternal student of the written word. No matter how successful I am in business.

You should know this: the money is in the stories (and in the list).

Step #7 – Make your offer irresistible: Sometimes, your prospects won’t bite, despite your best persuasion attempts.

There are 101 million reasons why: they could be short on cash flow; they could be in a really bad mood; they could be getting ready for work, or the boss has just caught them surfing the Net.

It could also be a visual thing, maybe the colour on your website is not right. Or the message fails to connect emotionally with the reader.

In the end, be yourself. Be your most irresistible, on-purpose SELF. Give awesome value, information, and sincerely care for your prospect. It’s the fastest way to master the art of persuasion.

Over to you. Has this message resonated with you in any way? Please share your comments, feedback and feelings in the comment section below.

Thanks xo

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