Day #26 – Letting Go Starts With Self Compassion

practice self compassion

Do you ever feel like you’re being dragged into several directions at once? I’m sure you do. Women especially have this inherent believe they need to be the wearer of many hats. Between managing your home, looking after your children’s needs and building a business, there’s probably not much time left to really just BE.

Maybe you’re afraid to say no because you’re afraid to hurt people.

Or maybe you’re thinking that if X can do all of the above, without breaking out a sweat, then you should too.

Well my dear… it’s all rubbish. Just because you’re a mother, wife, sassy biz owner, or the best at whatever job you do doesn’t make it right to self abuse.

It doesn’t give you permission to dis-honour the brilliance inside of you.

For your sake and the sake of people who truly love you, let go of trying to be perfect and start practising self compassion.

Self compassion starts with one word – NO! 

If you want more time… freedom… and choices in life, then you’ve got to start saying no to a lot more things.

Start by saying no to:

  • Being logged into your FB account from dawn till dusk
  • Answering emails at all hours of the day – and night (note to SELF)
  • Answering the phone when you’re in the middle of a creative project
  • Saying yes when you don’t mean it
  • Agreeing to hang out with people who don’t support you
  • Doing the school run when your children could easily walk to and from school
  • Trying to be perfect – perfectionism is a disease you can rid yourself of with self compassion
  • Stuff that doesn’t align with your core desired feelings
  • Chasing every damn opportunity that presents itself to you, BEFORE you finish what you’ve started

Your happiness is at stake.

It’s impossible to be truly present if you can’t enjoy the moment for what it is.


  • You’re snuggling with your man in bed, and thinking about the washing on the line
  • You’re watching a movie, but your mind is ticking off the to-do list for tomorrow’s birthday party
  • You’re talking to a friend, but your eyes and attention keep wandering to the person across the room

Instead of always trying to balance the increasing amount of things to do, try and delegate more work. Say no to the things that don’t matter to your heart, delegate the things you hate doing, and enjoy what’s left with more presence and appreciation.

I want to hear from you. How do you practice self compassion?

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