Day #28 – Oodles of GRATITUDE to You

how to practice gratitude

Yay! It’s day #28 of my Danielle LaPorte desire map challenge and I’ve MADE IT! 28 days of blogging… despite a schedule that is keeping me so occupied I am literally buzzing with surplus energy.

I’ve blogged through 10 days of illness while working in bed, and stuck to my copywriting deadlines… and I’ve also made it through launching a brand new Super Power Solution, building my list faster than in the last 3 months combined and hosting my first ever webinar.

Ah and did I mention that I also started not just one, but two mentoring courses this month? And spoke on stage in front of 160+ people… the list just goes on. :)

Yeah I know. Self inflicted stress isn’t always a smart thing. But this time it’s on purpose because I’m planning on increasing my momentum and take my business to the next level in 2013. So in order to get massive results I need to take massive action first.

Wow! And today’s message is all about GRATITUDE.

Because when you least expect it, great things happen.

So the other day I was ranting about blogging with little or no support… that no one bothered to comment and share my posts on social media, and how it sucked to keep on pushing through with a plan when you’re doing it alone.

What happened next was simply astounding…

I got my first comment for the month (aside from my trusted and equally dedicated co-desire-map-challenge-blogging hero Lisa over at Caffeinated Creations).

So Gail commented to tell me she had been following my journey all along. She also told me how she appreciated my posts. And it made my day knowing people were out there reading my ramblings. Thank you Gail. Eternal gratitude to you gorgeous lady.

Sometimes a little gesture like this can mean the world to someone. It may be “just a comment.” But trust me, when you’re sitting in your creative nook and looking at the big FAT ZEROS in your comment stream it can be disheartening to keep the blog going.

Then something else happened that blew me away.

I got an email from the lovely Annika at Danielle LaPorte.

Annika was asking my permission to share one of my Desire Map posts on Danielle’s website. WOW! Talk about a major gratitude love hug going back by email.

Needless to say I’m chuffed to bits and so GRATEFUL to Annika and Danielle for allowing me to share my core desired feeling with their tribe.


I’m also grateful, to you.

I’m grateful to you even if you haven’t commented, shared or blogged about my journey.

Gail’s comment made me realise there’s plenty of people out there who read my stuff. And like me, you may never hear from them. So if you find yourself in a similar position, please know this: people care about you.

This has been an incredibly challenging month for me.

But despite the health challenges, the mamoothian work schedule, and the lack of sleep overall I managed to live with my core desired feelings. They have now become so ingrained in my life that I couldn’t image living without them. And as time transcends through the year 2013 and beyond, I will continue to live with, listen to and adapt my CDFs to honour my highest purpose and conscious crusade.

I hope you’ll do the same. xo


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  • Theressa

    Wow Monika, what an awesome pay off! You are so right, even though you may feel like no one’s listening, there most certainly are people following you, being inspired to action and feeling empowered by what you’re doing! Thank you for sharing Monika xx

    • Monika Mundell

      You are welcome Theressa. I really appreciate your support and am so grateful you and Phillipa took the time to come and say hi. Thank you. xxx

  • Phillipa Kiripatea

    Wow! Danielle LaPorte is sharing one of your blog posts? That is of the most epic proportion ever!!
    Your dedication, commitment and kick ass hard work pays off Nika.
    You may not get the comments you want, but those that really matter notice you.
    You are so awesome.

    • Monika Mundell

      Mwah Phillipa, thank you so much for your comment. You’re right. Quality is not in the numbers of comments you get – it’s in the special and magic connections you make while blogging your heart out. Thank you for helping me recognise this important distinction. xxx

  • Kylie Ryan

    Just found these lovely posts by you gorgeous Monika! I’ll have a read over your journey, just wanted to say hey! I’ve found the posts that I’ve had the most social traction on included a 10 tips to blah, or some interesting statistics, or were more like articles. Hope that helps… ( I see you’re already doing those posts too) Keep on rocking . x

    • Monika Mundell

      Hey Kylie, thanks so much for the feedback. Sorry I totally missed your comment. My bad. Appreciate your time and having made the effort to comment.

      Big hugs. xo

  • Gail Bennell

    Hey Nika,

    Thanks for the shout out ;-)

    It’s a different social dynamic out here in the wild wild web world. Thanks for your words, because I do feel like no one is hearing me either! but I also realize that I often read blogs without commenting – because I feel like I have nothing to add, but also because I am used to reading books, so there is no way to comment!


    • Monika Mundell

      My pleasure Gail. It sure is a wild wild web out there. But I appreciate hearing voices like yours and learning how my posts touch you and connect with you. xo