Let’s Boost Your Sales & Have Some Fun


  • Are ready to present your business with the most electrifying engaging, superior sassy + captivating creative copy
  • Recognise the need for results, and understand words can either support your marketing, or sabotage it
  • Want to be inspired by your website, and feel a deep sense of connection with the words, the story, the pages. But if they fail to inspire you, how can you expect them to inspire your potential clients?
  • Are willing to let me play with words, definitions, power verbs, synonyms + my keyboard to write copy that syncs with the spirit, heart + soul of your business
  • Want to rock your tribe and push your business into orbit
  • DESIRE to jam with professionals who get you, and who are known to get results, for their clients
  • Are ready, for us. NOW!

I’m a creative sales copywriter, aka a persuasive rebel with a pen, mentor, comunication strategist, author + public speaker. Illuminatress of mass seduction. On a quest to magnify your brilliance. 

I work with creative supernovas… sassy women entrepreneurs who are ready to take their coaching, mentoring, speaking, consulting, and visionary business ideas to the next level. I will infuse your natural brilliance into an irresistible flurry of words to help you hustle your shizzle in a sexy + non-hypey way.

Aside from helping my clients build wealth as a copywriter, I also offer a range of mentoring + strategy services.

There are four ways we can jam and hang out.

Copywriting – let me be your weapon of mass seduction

Use words to flirt, engage, connect with, seduce + sell your tribe on your brilliance. Let your natural genius shine with the copy in your marketing. Give words power. Make them resonate. Get me onboard to let me play with words, definitions, power verbs, synonyms + my keyboard to write copy that syncs with the spirit, heart + soul of your business.


You + Me. One day. Serious website makeover in a virtual space jam. You’ll close the day with an irresistible flurry of new words to present you as the expert + force of brilliance you are – in a sexy + non-hypey way. Get suited up + check in, here.

Get Unstuck! Plug-and-Play Copywriting Scripts

Sick of starring at a blank screen? Suffering from the occasional copy envy? Struggling to congruently wrap your words into an authentic message of love – free of icky hype and empty promises? Come jump onboard – the plane’s refuelling… the doors are open, and the champagne is chilled! Take your seat here, strap yourself in, and get ready for TAKEOFF!

Creative Copywriting Course – Write Better to Sell More

Wanna have a website that is congruent with your values, mission and dreams, but don’t know how to write copy that syncs with your brilliance? This 4-week group coaching program has you covered. In just 4 weeks you’ll be able to totally TRANSFORM the way you write so you can attract more of your dream clients and make effortless salesGet started with the free mini video course right here. You’ll be blown away by the stuff you learn, already.


Drop me a note here, or email support (at) monikamundell.com and we’ll discuss your needs to get you sorted.

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