Why Monika

“Superior copy affects your business like a shot of espresso as it zings through your body, pops your eyes wide open + jump-starts your adrenal glands into life.”


Hi, I’m Monika, Moni… Mon… or as my friends call me; Nika (Greek for Victory)… so let’s leave it at that… shall we?

I love retreats, creative flow… have strong values and high integrity…

I migrated to Australia in 1997 from my native country Switzerland… turning my dream of living with birds, the ocean… the rainforest… and the outback  into reality…

I don’t conform to the status quo… swim against the current… and publicly admit to my love for the colour pink and being a free spirit.

I’m an artisan scribe, mentor + persuasion strategist, author + wRiteBrain creative. Illuminatress of mass seduction. On a quest tomagnify your brilliance.

Oh, and I’m also a nomad entrepreneur, which means I travel, a lot.

But despite my love for the nomadic lifestyle I get butterflies dancing in my tummy… and sparkles charging the air I breathe when I hang out in my creative nook and spin words into magic to help inspired business owners build their business and explode their profits.

I’m a persuasive writer (or ‘copywriter’ in marketing speak).

 I write eyeball-seducing copy… lashed with a generous dose of personality + persuasion.

I jam with creative supernovas + spin their tidings of brilliance into an irresistible flurry of words to help them hustle their shizzle in a sexy + non-hypey way.

My tribe is ready to eclipse their empire into super galactic hyper drive + experience full-throttle momentum.

YOU are an ambitious and talented woman with a dream to be self sufficient and financially free. YOUR personality is high octane, driven, visionary, positive, powerful, fun to be around and mature, yet playful.

It’s possible YOU juggle a busy household with kids, partner, pets + balance for your business.

YOU have clearly defined visions and goals + a deep sense of longing to honour YOUR higher self in the work YOU do.

YOU have an immediate urge to create change in YOUR life and the life of the people YOU love.

YOU feel proud about YOUR professional achievements + YOU possess good B.S. detectors.

YOU’RE experienced in YOUR line of work. But YOU struggle to get the EDGE.

YOU dream about expressing YOUR creative magic with the work YOU do. But YOU find it hard to bring the message across to YOUR tribe.

YOU need a helping hand to voice YOUR brand to others so YOU can build a community of like-minded people, and activate financial freedom through YOUR business or line of work.

YOU strive for creative magic, peace and happiness. YOU want to live life on purpose + get recognised for YOUR contributions to society.

YOU dream about f.r.e.e.d.o.m, of a life that lets you make choices + actively live your dreams + desires. 

YOU are fun-loving + heavily invested in personal growth. And you dig a life of abundant fun and adventure.

Get lip-smacking… eye-popping… cha-ching cajoling copy.

Words must be tickled… massaged… propped into order so they can accurately illuminate your brilliance and work for you, NOT against you…

And this my sweets is why you need someone like me to help you bring your vision to life.

So if you’re stuck in a retrograde spin, and feel as if your business Mojo has been hit by a gigantic asteroid, then start here, or contact me for a jam session.









Monika Mundell
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