why you’re wasting precious time on trial & error

… instead of utilising a proven game plan!

LET’S FACE IT… you’re EXHAUSTED! Up until this point you’ve unsuccessfully…

Tried to scale your business from $80K / year to six figures or mid six figures to seven figures.

You’re wasting precious time doing social media, email and webinars, BUT you have no idea whether it is actually giving you a return on your investment.

You feel totally overwhelmed and frustrated, because you have the ideas of what you want, BUT you’re not getting anywhere fast.

You’re so caught up working IN your business that your mind is physically at capacity, AND it affects your work capabilities.

You ask yourself, “I’m an experienced business owner, with the skills and the successful business to show, so why do I struggle so much to scale my business to the next level?”

Because you don’t know how…

You spend too much time testing stuff and keep yourself busy (at break point) with strategies that don’t give you a return on your investmeny.

As a result of all that hard work you seriously lack the time to take enough vacations or to enjoy long breaks.

And this has taken a dangerous toll on your happiness and family life, because your head is NOT capable of switching off when you spend time with loved ones.

You KNOW deep in your heart that you need help and that you will have to invest money to scale and breakthrough those blockages, but you’re afraid because until now you’ve never learned how to strategically build a money-making business machine

I’m here to tell you that…


  1. If you continue like this, without changing your strategies, NOTHING will change for you. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.
  2. To SKYROCKET profits you need to have a Million Dollar Mindset, Master Your Message, understand Marketing ROI & create Success Systems.
  3. You need passive income streams and value-based attraction marketing to make it EASIER for clients to buy from you so that you CAN spend more time with your kids and live life on your terms.

I can help you double or triple your business this year!

Hi, I’m Monika Mundell aka Nika. I’m a Business Consultant, Client Attraction Alchemist ™ & Revenue Accelerator ™ Partner for high-vibe entrepreneurs who want MORE time freedom, clients, money and impact!

… without compromising their integrity and personal values. I’m also a two times international best-selling author and retreat facilitator.

From baking cupcakes to location independence (+ financial freedom).


Before I discovered my easy genius (copywriting, consulting and strategy), I was a professional chef for 22 years (yep, I was trained by the Gordon Ramseys of the 80s and what you see in his shows is exactly why I left the industry). I started my business because I wanted FREEDOM, and there was no way I could ever get THAT working for a boss. 

I have since helped thousands of entrepreneurs ignite their momentum, boost profits and design the business they love to live the life they deserve + desire.

5 you can’t-afford-to-ignore reasons why you should listen to me (+ book a complimentary breakthrough strategy call)

  1. Reason #1: I’ve doubled and tripled my business several times over the past 7 years. We’re talking multiple six figures! 
  2. Reason #2: My client’s results speak for themselves. Profits galore. Centre stage attention. Best selling authors. Multiple six figure profits and millions of dollars in profits. 
  3. Reason #3: When you work with me you get ME: huge heart, compassion, intuition, brains, experience and killer strategies—the whole persuasive package!
  4. Reason #4: I am fun, compassionate, driven, ethical. I love working with people who share my values and strong work ethics.
  5. Reason #5: I’ve been ninja trained by the best coaches and mentors around. And I’ve been in business since 2004—my approach is fresh, proven, intuitive, unique and untainted by fashionable trends.

create irresistible impact, and an epic life

Do you want an EPIC life?

Let’s talk about how that would look like for you and how I can help you communicate your expertise, in a way that:

Swoons, delights and seduces your community.

Engages, connects and compels people to buy.

Positions you as the ONLY solution to their problem.

Leverages your expertise for the ultimate freedom business.

Apply for your complimentary Complimentary 45-Minute Cash Injection Clarity Call with me below! I can’t wait to get to know you.

be in command of your time, stop being a slave to it

Looking for my 3rd person BIO? You found it…


nikagoldwallMonika Mundell is a Consultant & Messaging virtuoso (Copywriter) for high-vibe business owners and entrepreneurs who a freedom business that leverages their time and expertise!

Monika has 14+ years of experience as a consultant, and communication + marketing maven, coached hundreds of women and facilitated thousands of coaching calls. She has led life-changing writing workshops for entrepreneurs in Australia, Canada and the US. Her clients have scored national media attention, multiple 6-figure profits, paid speaking gigs — and freedom laptop lifestyles.

Her customised 1:1 Client Attraction Alchemy Accelerator™ is helping successful business owners claim back precious time using a proven game plan so that they can create massive momentum in super fast time. Apply to Chat with Nika now to create the business you always dreamed about.

As “simple life “enthusiasts, Monika + husband John have accomplished their dream of being location independent and can be found collecting memories (not souvenirs) in all corners of the world. Monika’s advice has been featured in newspapers, magazines and leading online websites such as: She Takes on the World, Huffington Post, She Owns It, When I Grow Up Coach, Dumb Little Man, Problogger, FreshBooks, Freelance Folder, Lifehack, Our Internet Secrets and others.