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Procrastination Begone Book

The Book: a Courageous Compilation of Stories, Tips & Wisdom for Women in Business Who Are Looking to Get More Done — Without Pressure and EEK


‘Procrastination Begone is so much more than a compilation book. It’s full of actionable tips that anyone can apply to get things done, PLUS an important reminder to keep believing in your dream.  It’s full of wisdom, inspiration and no-frills tools to get you moving.


 Procrastination Begone will help you move past procrastination blockages, especially on those days that you feel like giving up, and when you need compassion and a loving voice to assure you, you can do it!  There are many caring, courageous voices in here, from women who don’t claim to have all the answers, but have worked hard to find them.


Thank you Monika Mundell and co-authors. I highly recommend this book to any woman in business who is looking for mindful direction and deeper reflection when the going gets tough.’


Rachael Jayne Groover, Best-selling author of Powerful and Feminine and Creator of Art of Feminine Presence™




Why this book?

Because everyone needs a loving injection of no-frills advice to help them step into a more courageous place. Plus… procrastination (really) does dull your SPARKLE .


What exactly is Procrastination Begone?


It’s a book written by 11 courageous business SPARKettes for women in business who want to move on and complete… something. If that’s you, welcome gorgeous.


Where can I get this amazing book?


You can get our compilation book on Amazon. It has received raving reviews from luminaries such as Rachael Jayne Groover + Melissa Cassera (OMG!). Just follow this link OR click on the image below to go straight to the Amazon Kindle page.




What the fabulous Melissa said…


‘This book is like an adrenaline shot for getting it DONE! It goes well beyond the typical “beat procrastination” advice and dives into interesting & juicy topics such as your energetic environment, tapping into your “why,” and viewing procrastination as an opportunity to learn rather than an obstacle. Definitely a must-have for any entrepreneur’s library.’


Melissa Cassera is an award-winning PR and Personal Branding Expert.



Do I need this?

Well, that depends on whether you’re a self motivated ninja. In which case you don’t.


But if you love learning from the mistakes and challenges of other women in business, this book will be a great source of inspiration for you. 


If you feel called to add our book to your library… go right ahead. We thank you, from our heart to yours.


If not. No pressure. No EEK here. 🙂


Happy reading!