Hi, I’m Nika!

I help high-vibe clients create freedom businesses that leverage their time and expertise!


Do you run a business or does your business run you?

Have you been stuck trying to scale your business for some time? Instead of being in charge of your time, your life is full of chaos!

You’re pulled in a 1000 different directions.

Your mind is constantly firing new ideas.

And you’re exhausted.

Why? Because you are spending way too much time working IN your business instead of ON it.

Let me show you WHY you’re wasting precious time in overwhelm, chasing the wrong marketing strategies and dealing with trial & error… making the CRITICAL mistake of thinking that things will eventually change if only you worked a little harder.

Your situation WON’T change. Unless you change your marketing strategy.

You’re DONE with the struggle and the long hours spent on unbillable tasks.


You’re READY for change, because you’re keen to:


Travel more, for longer periods of time.

Choose with whom you want to work with, and when.

Afford a better lifestyle, with less guilt.

Enjoy more quality time with your children and family.

Have more choices, and clarity about each of the steps you need to take to navigate this thing called entrepreneurship.

Sell out your offers with more ease, and less push and strive.

Create amazing memories with loved ones.

Make meaningful contributions to society.

Feel totally aligned with your message, your marketing and the high calibre clients you attract.

Who is this for? These Breakthrough Sessions are suitable for high-vibe business owners who already have a measure of success and who are earning more than $80K/year, but who have been struggling to scale their business for some time.

This is for you if you’re looking for better strategies and marketing, but are not sure if we’re a fit.