Monika Mundell's
Professional BIO

Monika Mundell is a Client Attraction Strategist, Business Coach, Copywriter and Workshop & Retreats Facilitator for women in business.

Monika’s an international best-selling author. She’s published two books that ranked  #1 of the Amazon bestseller’s list in seven countries.

When it comes to helping clients accelerate their profit potential, she’s the REAL deal. Monika has 16+ years of experience as a communication + marketing virtuoso—and has led life-changing writing workshops for entrepreneurs in Australia, Canada, and the US. 

She’s also founded & facilitated two successful business retreats. 

Her clients have scored national media attention, million-dollar incomes, 6-figure profits in as little as 4 weeks, sold-out courses and retreats, paid speaking gigs and more—some of them created freedom laptop lifestyles.

From travelling the world with her laptop business to facilitating writing + marketing workshops for groups of women entrepreneurs, Monika loves the challenge of mixing business with her passion for travel.

Monika is a huge advocate for making business profitable (+ fun), while creating a lifestyle that allows her to play to her heart’s content. 

Her advice has been featured in newspapers, and magazines as well as leading online websites like She Takes on the World, When I Grow Up Coach, Dumb Little Man, Problogger, FreshBooks, Freelance Folder, Lifehack, Our Internet Secrets and StartCopywriting.

For help to explode your profit potential and lifestyle freedom visit: