Reasons Why You need an Elite Coach!

Don’t we just love our sporting heroes? Did you watch and cheer when Usain “Lighting” Bolt smashed records to win gold at the London Olympics? Are you as mesmerised as I am by Serena Williams’ pure strength, agility and finesse?

It is the ATHLETES who win medals, become celebrity darlings and sign contracts for large sums of cash. They attribute their success to talent, pure determination, hard work and lots of sacrifice.
And something else….

Behind every one of our loved athletes are their COACHES.

The ones who planned their PROGRAMS, closely monitored their PROGRESS, and kept them ACCOUNTABLE.

These coaches took the natural, raw ability, and used their own experience and expertise to transform these talented youngsters into SUPERSTARS.

“There’s times when you want to doubt yourself. But coach is always there to say, ‘Don’t worry, I know what I can do to make you run faster, and what you need to do to go faster.'” – Usain Bolt on Coach Glenn Mills

Not all of us are amongst the sporting elite. Not all of us dream of standing on a podium in front of a wild ecstatic crowd and our nation’s flag.

AND not all of us use Lorna Jane leggings for other reasons than wearing with Ugg Boots and eating ice cream in front of the TV.

But we DO have something in common with our sporting heroes.


We all have something to give.

You are AMAZING at what you do.



  • You may be still playing in “The minor leagues.”
  • You may not have “kicked any goals” in a while.
  • Your competitors may be getting ahead of you.
  • You may not have a PLAN or PROGRAM to follow.
  • You may not have your own group of “cheerleaders” to motivate you.



Let’s face it – being a solo entrepreneur is NOT an easy road.

My business thrived through the highest highs, and survived the lowest lows. What pulled me through the lows was the wisdom and SUPPORT of my chosen MENTORS.

And what I learned from them was more precious than Olympic Gold, and put me back on the road to where I am today – living my dream lifestyle, travelling the world with my dream man.

And helping others like me, people who are passionate about their business, to achieve their dreams.

Every person in business (and in life) needs that special individual (or group of people) who will lift you up, set you goals to shoot for.

Someone who has been exactly where you are, has learned from their mistakes, and who has a vested interest in your success, and in you achieving your dreams. And someone who has established a tribe of like-minded and passionate people, all wanting to support you and each other.

We all need someone to make sure we get the SHIT DONE that we say we are going to do. So we can all cross the finish line together.

Who is YOURS?


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