3 Steps to Ignite Your Marketing

Does your marketing feel BLAH?


Does looking at your website make you feel queasy… you words have lost their sparkles, the design (well could be… better), and you’ve lost your marketing mojo, because you feel as if you’re babbling, rambling, preaching… unnecessarily?

I understand.

I do. Because throughout 2014 I felt like vomiting every time I visited my website. Consequently, I lost my mojo for blogging + marketing.

True story. I stopped. I stopped blogging. I stopped sharing my message. I felt pressured to do the very thing I no longer enjoyed.

Heck, I even stopped sending newsletters.

The pressures of being stuck in my mojo-deprived marketing bubble affected my marketing mojo, because I felt… like a failure. I felt that being a copywriter + wordsmith extraordinary I had to blog. So much so that the pressure of the self-imposed responsibility killed my message. And because I stopped sharing my message I felt unworthy of marketing myself.

It was truly a head fuck of epic proportions.

Until I had a meaningful call with someone I adore.

That call changed everything. It rekindled my love for clutter-free copy. It reinvigorated my marketing mojo. And it affected me deeply, because what this lady told me was simple, but powerful.

She said this: if blogging doesn’t feel like a guilty pleasure, don’t do it. Thank you Melissa.


By helping me let go of the expectations, she rekindled my passion. I gave myself permission not to blog + bam, suddenly all these blog ideas were spilling into my conscience, crying to be written.

Ignite your marketing with these 3 simple steps.

My experience helped me understand that we all put way too much pressure onto ourselves.

Pressure builds when you get caught up in the things you “should” be doing instead of doing the things that inspire you.

You pressure yourself trying to get your marketing ducks in a row + faithfully churn out blogs, videos, social media posts, newsletters, and product launches.

It’s crazy and you know it. Crazy doesn’t work.

Step #1 – Remove the expectations!

You need to let go of the “thing(s)” you don’t enjoy doing.

  • If you don’t enjoy blogging don’t blog.
  • If you don’t enjoy coaching don’t coach.
  • If you don’t enjoy writing, don’t write.

Some of these things can be outsourced; others can be put to rest.

Give yourself permission to let go of the things that feel like you have to do them (because of high expectations or what other people may think).

Let go!

Step #2 – Focus on having fun.

Business has to be fun, otherwise it won’t work.

Not only that, when you churn out marketing copy that doesn’t absolutely get you giddy with excitement it… shows. Your community will feel that.

Think about the things that light you up. And do more of them.

Maybe you love product creation, but hate promoting? 

Maybe you love designing things, but hate writing?

Maybe you love sending newsletters, but hate blogging?

Step #3 – Think of marketing as doing stuff that is deliciously dreamy.

Marketing really doesn’t have to feel sleazy. If done right, it is dreamy, fun and profitable.

When you do more of the things you love + less of the things you don’t, you’ll ignite your marketing mojo. Trust me on that.

You need to look at marketing with new eyes – it’s about sharing your message with more (dream) clients… it’s about speaking your truth and attracting a tribe of people who resonate with your truth… it’s about engaging your people.

Marketing isn’t all sales + promotions.

Marketing can be fun, sparkling, dreamy + oh-so delicious.

Make it!

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Here’s to making marketing deliciously dreamy, fun + profitable.