How to Create a Profitable New Service in 6 Steps


Step #1: Get clear on what you’re selling, and to whom.

Who is this offer for?

What do you (really) sell?

Before you can create any dreamy + profitable new service / program/ product / offer you need to get crystal clear about whom you’re selling to.

It’s possible that your offer will be broader, serving a wider client base, such as food, fuel, and haircuts. But even so you can still offer a customised solution to a smaller amount of people.

Why would you do that?

Well, for starters you can gain faster expert status when you do…

Meet your Dream Client (click the image).


You also get to raise your prices, because when you’re seen as the go-to person… you can name your price.

And you get to be very specific with your language, making it more FUN for you to market your business.

Step #2: Work out your unique value proposition.

What makes your offer different?

You need to demonstrate how you’re different from others who offer the same service. What you don’t want is to bump ’n’ grind your service with the girl next door.

So how do you do that?

It’s simple really; you look at your personality potion. You look for the elements of your service that make you oh-so delicious to work with… and unique.

Nobody wants to work with boring people. And we don’t want vanilla. We want finger licking, sugar coated sex on a plate. We want to be entertained, understood, valued, appreciated, and seen. We want to be treated like queens and kings when we do business with you. And we want it all served on a pretty plate, with lots of delicious decorations.

So with that said. What makes your plate so damn special?

Step #3: What does she want?

Where is she now – where does she want to be?

Remember, you’re not selling the coaching, the speaking, and the web design. You’re selling the emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits.

Don’t sell your steps – sell the outcome. Paint the afterglow high for her with words.

Step #4: Design easy + fun steps.


  • What are the logical steps she needs to take to achieve the promised outcome?
  • Where is she now: emotionally, spiritually + physically?
  • Where does she want to be after you’ve taken her through your steps?

The best services / programs/ products/ offers are those that take clients through a logical sequence that is FUN to complete, and easy.

The biggest mistake women make is to overcomplicate these steps.

Another mistake is to feel icky when you put together your “offer” and that ickyness will translate to how your dream client will feel about your thing.

If you don’t have fun creating your service you cannot expect dream clients to enjoy the process. Meaning: if it feels icky, don’t. Go. There. At. All.

Step #5: Price your offer for faster profits.

Analyse your competition. Then price your offer in the upper middle.

A simple way to price anything is to look at what others in your industry do. Then try to fit in somewhere in the upper middle.

It’s a great strategy to launch a new service. Then once you have some testimonials you can raise the price – if it feels congruent.

Always. Always. Always put your gut feeling above everything else you do. Be authentic.

Make marketing fun, and the clients will come.

Step #6: Hustle.

You won’t have a dreamy, profitable new service if you don’t shout it from the rooftops.

You need to spread the word.

  • Announce it on social media.
  • Email your newsletter subscribers.
  • Reach out by phone, to a small group of special peeps in your tribe.
  • Send personalised postcards.
  • Write love letters.
  • Pay for ads.

Whatever feels good to you, do it to hustle your new service.

And pleeeeeease. Understand that marketing is and always will be… a number’s game. Don’t give up if at first you don’t make sales. Keep hustling. If you don’t make at least 1-3 sales after sending 100 dream clients to your offer you need to tweak your copy.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me, in the comments below, what is the dreamy + profitable new service you’re going to create next?