INSTAGLAM: 6 Ways to Glam Up Your Brand



Branding is positioning.

You can position your business with words, colours, images, statements, and a range of services and products to get a unique brand resemblance. But if you really want to stand out from competitors you need to brand yourself strategically.

Here’s how…

1. {Embrace Consistency}

Brand consistency is found in the smallest of pixels. It’s…

Being conscious of being consistent: with colours, copy, angle, mission, approach, service, and overall approach to marketing.

Ask yourself: is my brand consistently communicating the same strong message across all the platforms I use to market my business?

If the answer is no, it’s time to update your profiles.

2. {Communicate Your Movement}

If you want to serve more of your ideal perfect clients, then you need to communicate your mission.

We are attracted to that we seek, and to those we feel a strong connection with. If you don’t communicate your mission, and clearly state why you’re passionate about what you do, you will not attract the right client.

Ask yourself: have I clearly communicated my crusade to my tribe?

If the answer is no, it’s time to share your movement.

3. {Make a Promise}

Do you know what exactly you promise your clients in return for their money?

It’s probably not what you think!

You’d be surprised to hear how many business owners fail to see the obvious.

If you’re a life coach you’re not selling life coaching – you’re selling encouragement, emotional healing, self-empowerment, and support – amongst many other benefits.

If you’re a novelist you’re not selling books – you’re selling hope, entertainment, time out, adventure – and much more.

Whatever you’re selling is just a widget… a feature. What you’re really selling is the benefit, or a number of benefits.

Ask yourself: do I use the right words to communicate the benefits of my products and services?

If the answer is no, it’s time to overhaul your copy.


4. {Be Authentic}

Authentic brands sizzle.

Think Virgin. Think Apple. Think [insert your favourite brand here]. Strong brands are successful because ummm, they clearly communicate an authentic + consistent message.

Everything is consistent: from the colours they use in all their marketing, to the message their team communicates.

A strong brand is an irresistible weapon of magnetic attraction. We can’t help but fall in love with strong brands because we resonate with their core message – and THAT’S exactly what you want your business to communicate too.

Ask yourself: can I tweak my brand to make it stronger? If so, what immediate steps can I take to strengthen my brand in the next month?

Then go do it!

5. {You’ve Got 3 Seconds, Make Them Count!}

In marketing, your message is EVERYTHING. And you just have a few short seconds to bring it across.

If your message lacks punch and sass, and if your copy is meek and boring, you need to re-think your marketing angle

This is especially important if your message fails to match your personality type. Why? Because readers will sense you’re not congruent.

So based on who you (truly) are, give yourself permission to be:

  • Funky
  • Cheeky
  • Brazen
  • Outspoken
  • Spiritual
  • And Sassy

And match your copy with your personality.

You should know: hiding behind a profile picture of a flower, a pet or a celebrity isn’t helping your brand.

If you want potential clients to bond with you and trust you, then you need to stand up and get seen. Meaning, use photos of YOU!

Ask yourself: do I honour my authenticity and my crusade in the way I market my business?

If the answer is no, consider blocking out some time in your diary. Think about how you could re-brand your business, so you can honour your higher SELF and more of your ideal perfect clients.

6. {Strong Brands Have Strong Leaders}


  • Are you a leader? Really?
  • Can you lead people with verve, joy, strength and compassion?
  • Do you have it within you to lead others, without fear of being ridiculed, or attacked by vicious competitors?
  • Can you stand strong, and hold your vision for the end goal, when everything around you falls to pieces?
  • Do you have it within you to inspire others and lead them to make massive transformational changes in their lives?

If you answered yes to all the above you’re a leader, already.

You may well be the next Richard Branson… the next Oprah. But unless you step up on that pedestal and actually lead, we’ll never know.

Your message deserves to be heard. Your brand deserves to be recognised. But unless you’re putting yourself out there we’ll never know just how amazing you really are.

So what are you waiting for?

Show me your INSTAGLAM…

Go on… tell me one thing you’ll do this week to strengthen your brand, in the comments below.