Why Cookie-Cutter Group Coaching Programs Suck


Cookie-cutter coaching programs don’t work for most people.


  • They don’t work because we’re all… different.
  • You’re unique.
  • I’m unique.

And we both hail from different backgrounds.

So do all the women that join your group-coaching program.

Some of them struggle with techie stuff; others struggle with their mindset. Some women don’t know how to express themselves eloquently, and others want to brush up on their public speaking skills.

And while all of these skills are covered in a range of online programs and courses, you simply cannot create a program suitable for every type of business woman.

Your story differs from mine. Your experience differs from mine. Your business may be new, whereas I’ve been in business 11 years (+ counting).


For all it’s worth: we are different.

And so a cookie-cutter group coaching program (or any program like that) will not work for everyone.

This is why you only ever see a small portion of success stories with just about any business solution out there. When you take into account our personalities and stories, it makes sense, right?


So what does this mean for you?

Does this mean you should stop offering group-coaching programs?

Well, that depends.

It depends on how your program is structured.


Does your program:


  • Allow for individual coaching?
  • Offer every member a chance to be heard?
  • Help every member grow their business, regardless where they are at right now (provided they follow your steps, of course)?
  • Offer members in different stages customised tools to accommodate ALL levels of expertise?



The dangers of group coaching.

Group coaching programs are great. But when they are set up as a cookie-cutter solution you risk alienating members, because some of them may feel left behind.

I talk to a lot of women: many of them have been let down with group coaching programs. Here are some of the most common complaints they share with me:


  • I felt left out of the group.
  • I got fed up with the lack of support from the coach (this one’s a biggie).
  • I was promised a lot, but got nothing.
  • I was sick and tired listening to questions that didn’t apply to me during coaching calls, and felt like I was wasting my time.
  • I felt unheard.
  • I had to chase the coach to get my calls booked (WTF)!


Sad. Maybe. Worrying for the industry… definitely!


How to better serve your dream clients.

You can’t serve your people if you don’t have their best outcome in mind. And while you cannot predict if your program works for every single member, you can at least give them all the tools they need to successfully navigate their problems.

And you can give your best to keep them accountable.

Why do members have to chase you to get their calls booked – calls for which they paid a LOT of money?

One of the things that bug me the most about the coaching industry is the lack of accountability from the coach. If I pay $10K and more for a program, I expect the coach to keep me accountable – that’s why I hire her/him in the first place.

So this begs the question: how can you make that happen as the coach?

It’s simple really: you can follow up. You can remind your members when they’re due for their next call. It costs nothing, except a little time. But it makes such a difference in the way you’re received by your people.

Under promise and over deliver: gift your members’ lots of little unexpected goodies. These don’t have to cost the world, but they can make a huge difference to how they experience your program.

Be of service: don’t just focus on the money. Focus on the outcome you can facilitate for your people. Which means don’t let them get away with their own negative self talk.


Coaching clients hire you to be their accountability partner!

They NEED you to watch their backs. And if they don’t follow through, it’s your job to give them a (gentle) kick up the arse.

They can’t do this without you. That’s why they bought your program. So be the SPARK to help them create change and momentum.


Don’t have a coach but want support? Join me and other biz Sparklers from around the world.




What has been your experience with cookie-cutter coaching programs?


Did they work for you or not? How did they make you feel? If you’re a coach, are you conscious of this problem in the industry? If so, what are you doing to be different?