How I SPARKed My Marketing Mojo



Have you experienced business-related depression? Nothing worked the way you wanted it to work.


Have you battled financial hardship in your business? You stressed about money, and questioned whether you could afford to pay the bills this month.


Well, I know how that feels, because late in 2014 I went through the biggest financial slump so far in my business.


My income dried up.


Clients were so elusive, and I was seriously stressing out about our finances. It affected my sleep, my energy, my mojo, and the way I showed up. Meaning, my self-confidence hit rock bottom.


Deep down I knew that my mindset was responsible. I had lost my marketing mojo because I got disenchanted with my business.


I was sick and tired of my (old) website, the copy (which I felt no longer resembled me in an accurate way), and I was also sick of my offerings. I felt desperate for a SPARK of new ideas, for a simpler way to do business.


I wanted more FUN in my business + still be crazy profitable.


And so, after much soul searching, crying, feeling hopelessly over my head, and thinking that was IT, for me I’ve made a new resolution for 2015.


I’ve dedicated 2015 to the year where FUN is a must! This is the year where every decision is directly dependant on the fun + love I’m feeling for the work I do (or the people I work with). And there’s only one rule – if it sucks, if it feels off in any way it gets ditched.


I’ve also dedicated to making this the year to help you make marketing fun + profitable. Because I KNOW how much it sucks when you’re down in the mental dumps… desperate for an inkling of hope.


What brought this on?


It’s a long story. But really, I’ve wanted to simplify my business for a long time. I wanted a funkier brand. I wanted a unique brand. I wanted more ME, and less everyone else.


I felt BLAH about my business. And so it eventually came to a much-needed meltdown.


I believe my spirit was crying out for help.


I felt that my business had hit a ceiling, and I honestly feel that this is because I was too scatterbrained in my approach to offering services/products/coaching.


I had lost my mojo and it affected my income. And that affected my whole energy, how I showed up in the marketplace, and how I communicated with my tribe.


My energy affected my income. This had happened in the past, but not to the extent with which it transpired late 2014.


I never talked about this openly before, but I feel that this needs to be shared, because you may be going through one of these downturns right now.


And you need to KNOW that it’s OK to feel that way. You also need to know that tomorrow is a new day + a chance to change your life. What’s important right now is that you listen – to your gut feeling. Listen to the whispers of your soul.


What do you (really) want?


The first step in bouncing back from a mental low is to ask yourself what you (really) want. You need to be honest with yourself.


You also need to change your mindset.


That’s where I started.


With the New Year on the doorstep I felt renewed energy to tackle my challenges. I wanted to show up differently, and start the New Year with a bang.


So I rewrote and redesigned my website from scratch, rejigged some of my offerings, released my kick-ass UNBLAH ME freebie class and that alone ended up giving me over $36K in sales in just 2 weeks. My mojo was re-activated.


But… despite having tons of fun + helping my tribe re-discover their sparkle I still felt that I needed a “theme.”


I honestly believe that when you simplify your business + give it a “theme,” it will take on a life of its own. PLUS it’s more fun that way. And as you know, I’m all about making marketing fun + profitable.


So one morning in the middle of March this year I was speaking to a client who has achieved great success after re-branding her BLAH business with a themed suite of offerings.


And that really kicked my ass into gear to wanting to finally get that closure with my own “theme” too.


The very next day I was on a coaching call with my mentor and asked for her help to nut out the details. And gosh did we just. In just 60 minutes we came up with my “theme.”




Introducing S.P.A.R.K.


SPARK stands for:



These are the five pillars of my programs. These are the success steps my dream clients will need to take to build their lifestyle business, and will be sprinkled through everything I do.


My community of sassy chicas (YOU) are now called SPARKlers.


And, here’s my suite of SPARKling goodies.


SPARK VIP —3 Months high-end mentoring program. You + me = remarkable results! Inspired action that guarantees no more sloppy + soulless marketing.


In this step-by step mentoring program I’ll hold you hand and tell you exactly what to do and when, in what order to free up your time and increase profits.


You’ll get the whole scope to help you create and set up your first automated or semi automated client attraction funnel (depending what you want to sell). You’ll finally have the business systems and structure you absolutely need and want to enjoy more freedom and time out while keeping the dollars rolling into your bank account.


Goodbye chaos — HELLO gargantuan gratification!

SPARK Intensive — 1:1 VIP session.

SPARK Scopes — Periscopes.

SPARK Live — Live events and workshops.

SPARK 2017, etc. — Retreats.

SPARK Your Message — Copywriting service: website in a day.

SPARK Mini Guides — eBooks available for $8-$25.

SPARK MOMENTUM HUB — Monthly membership. 

SPARK School — Affordable online courses + classes for women in business.

SPARK Rewards — Referral program/affiliates.

SPARK Notes — Newsletter.


Discovering my SPARK theme has lit me up from the inside. And it lit up my clients too, because my energy is infectious, not stale.


Finding my theme has made me a better coach, copywriter, mentor. It’s made me more valuable in the marketplace and I’m just so freaking excited that I’m able to share this with you.


S.P.A.R.K. is a perfect acronym, for me + my success steps. It’s congruent with what I stand for, and how I want to serve my tribe.


I’d love to welcome you to my FB community.




I hope that in sharing my challenge here you’ll find some strength to keep dreaming… to keep hoping, and to keep searching, for the business that SPARKs your passion + brilliance. Its there, and if you want me to help you find it, let’s talk.