5 Proven Strategies to Create Irresistible Website Content

5 Proven Strategies to Create Irresistible Website Content

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Does this sound familiar? You wake up at 3am, desperate for a pee. While sitting in the dark, doing your thing, inspiration strikes—that new program you’ve been meaning to name + launch? BOOM! Finally, you’ve got the clarity you’ve been chasing.

You start the new day rearing to go. As soon as you can possibly sneak away from your household duties you sit down at your keyboard, ready to pound out all the copy you need to sell your new baby. You’re on a mission to sell this program because, HELLO! It’s awesome.

You can’t wait to email your list and announce your super sparkly new program on social media. And then… you sit back, excitement cursing though your veins as you anticipate the pings of incoming PayPal notifications. But instead you get… crickets.

WTF just happened?

Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Just because you had a fantastic idea for a new program doesn’t guarantee a sale. If copy is written by the uninitiated, it is destined to fail, and this should come as no surprise to you. #Truthbomb: copywriters study their craft for years to become experts. And even experts can’t guarantee a sale.

So what hope is there for you, right?

Well, there’s hope, of course. You can improve your chances of sales, especially when you know how to craft irresistible website content (copy). How? With these 5 Proven Strategies to Creating Irresistible Website Content…

Strategy #1 — Sell the sizzle, not the steak!

We DON’T care for the fabulous features of your amazing new program.

We want the purrsuasive, seductive sizzle.

We want results.

We want to know that you’re our girl-Sunday (the answer to our shitty problems)

We want the works and we want that shit now.

Strategy #2 — Gimme proof that you’re the hot bomb diggity!

ARE you for real? If so, prove it to me. Give me a reason to believe—in you. 

Show me case studies, testimonials, screenshots—with permission, of course. Whatever it takes to weave your magic into your content to show us that you’re the real deal: do THAT.

Strategy #3 — Get personal yo (you)!

Dribble is impersonal content that drones on and on about stuff that doesn’t matter. When we read your copy, we don’t want dribble—we want YOU.

We want to know how you can help US. What is in it for us when we trust you with our credit cards?

How not to write copy:

Would you trust this company? Here are XYZ company our mission is simple—we want to assure that our esteemed clients are taken care of the moment they step into our 2000 square feet reception. We will welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea as you sit in one of the comfortable lounges, created and designed by THE Andy Warhol…

You asleep yet? Yeah. me too. Zzzz…

How about this instead? When you visit us at XYZ headquarters you might be impressed by the fancy reception area. But that stuff is just part of our no-brainer service. Truth be told, we don’t care much for impressing you with add-ons that don’t feed your bank account. What we DO care about is to help you double your investment, in the next 90 days.

Better, yes? Exactly!

Strategy #4 — Edutain!

We don’t NEED more information—we want entertainment. Why do you think Netflix is such a hit? Because they’re giving us what we want—a platform and reason to zone out, relax, grab a couple of hours of RnR.

#Truthbomb: we deal with so much shit to deal on a daily basis that we welcome any reason to do nothing, except bliss out from the world. We NEED those blissful hours to help us function like semi-normal human beings and that is why edutainment (material, intended to be both educational and enjoyable) is better than education, because we don’t need more information—we want… (you got it yo).

Strategy #5 — K.I.S.S. aka Keep It Simple, Stupid

The K.I.S.S. principle is persuasion in its simplest form. You can’t sell squat if you’re confusing people with too many offers.

You want to give people a reason to buy. The best reason is simplicity. So when you’re inviting readers to opt-in to your list, don’t ask them to buy your $3K program at the same time.

Create simple, powerful and persuasive readership paths throughout your website. You can totally control the actions of visitors depending on what you want them to do next—by creating irresistible website content.

Wanna Boost Your Website Conversions and Sales?


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