8 About Page Truths You Don’t Know


Your about page matters, more than you know!


You may not know this, people visit your about page to get to “know” you better. But what you may fail to understand is that your about page is not just about YOU!

It’s about THE READER too. In fact, you want to make your about page about the reader, because she need to feel that you’re connecting with her.

I’m speaking about your dream client, of course.


Truth #1 – People don’t care about you: they want to know what’s in it for them (WIIFM).


They want to know that you can do something for them. So when they visit your page, you need to demonstrate that you’ve got their backs. That you understand their struggles, frustration, and fears.


Truth #2 – Your about page is the second most visited page on your website.


Why? Because we don’t do business with robots. We do business with people. So we want to know who this alluring, exciting, crazy, lovely, adventurous + amazing person we just discovered is, before we take the next step.


Truth #3 – Your story really is… theirs.


Your dream clients are most likely… a younger version of yourself. So your story needs to resonate with them emotionally + spiritually. If it doesn’t, if it bores them… or worse, if it sends them away from your site, you’ll struggle to build the relationship. 


Truth #4 – Long about pages are dead!


People no longer have time, or patience to navigate through long pages of content on your website. They want the scope of things… pronto (like yesterday). Give ‘em what they want. Keep your copy short + succinct. It’s challenging, for sure, but you’ll thank me later.


Truth #5 – Personality trumps hype + boredom.


That’s right. We want to see, feel and hear you through the noise + distraction. Stand out – amplify your personality with your Brand Word Canvas… your own hit list of words that define who you are.


Truth #6 – Your about page can be the hottest lead generation tool on your website.


Are you utilising it?


Truth #7 – We want to know the “real” you too.


Show us your quirky side. Tell us about your guilty pleasures. Explain what really matters to you + why. It’s true, we care about our own needs first, but… we also care about the person behind the brand. Give us the scope.


Truth #8 – Always honour your values and boundaries.


In the bigger scheme of things they affect how you do business and with whom. You can save us all a lot of time (+ potential hassles) by clearly stating WHOM you want to work with (+ why).

I’m handing you a challenge right now – to re(write) your about page so that it gives your dream clients more than enough reasons to like you, and trust you with their email address (or better still, with their business).


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And tell me: what’s the biggest challenge about writing your about page?

Keep sparkling!