9 ways to explode your income

9 Ways to Explode Your Income

Want more money with less hassles? This is how you make it happen…

1. Show up—authentically.


Be raw. Be honest. Be YOU—100% unapologetic. You can’t fake your way to success. People will notice and they will talk. Stop feeling like you don’t matter. You DO matter. So show us.

2. Double your rates.


When you double your rarest you can lose 50% of clients and still make the same amount of money. If you feel called to let go of some of your customers because they’re draining you emotionally, physically and spiritually raise your prices or double your rates to amp up your income.

3. Clear money blocks.


Money blocks are the #1 reason you’re not earning the money you want. Spend a few minutes each day to work on those blocks. Your mindset is the key to success and it needs daily grooming, like a beautiful garden. If you need help with that, find a mentor who can help you.

4. Sell more—sell often.


Right now you’re not selling enough. Give yourself permission to sell every day. Remember, selling is serving and if you don’t sell you’re not actively serving your tribe. As long as you offer value (with the free content you put out there) you can sell often and the right people will buy.

5. Work harder + smarter.


If you want more cash in the bank you’ve got to work harder and smarter. You don’t get paid sipping lattes at the local coffeeshop while having a long chat with your girlfriends. You need to do the work that pays you—not surf Netflix and binge-watch your favourite series. Netflix and coffee shop bestie dates should be the REWARD you gift yourself AFTER you’ve done the work.

6. Hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals in public.


Nothing keeps you as accountable like goals shared in public. Got a money goal for the month? Share it with your peeps. Want a specific number of new clients in the next 90 days? Share it publicly.

7. Use quick cash sales funnels.


Need a few thousand bucks this month to pay a bill? Fancy a holiday but don’t have the money? Sell low-cost products with the help of quick cash sales funnels.

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8. Be outstanding.


Gift your community with time, content and value—every damn day of the week. Show up consistently and expect nothing in return. And if you get praise, love and raving fans you can experience the power of karma first hand.

9. Invest in a high-end mentor.


A mentor who has done what you’re trying to achieve is the fastest tool to help you get what you want. By investing you’re telling the universe the you’re ready for growth and if you do the work you’ll explode your income.