fuck perfection

Fuck Perfection!

Perfection is an illusion!

The fake perception of perfection robs you from living in harmony already.

Millions of people are aiming for perfection in all of the things they do. Millions of people aim for perfection in every areas of their life. They get boob jobs, ass enhancements and face surgery to achieve the perfect body.

Perfect for WHOM?

Whose ideals are we trying to live up to when we mess with nature?

Whose ideals are we trying to live up to when we try to perfect our businesses and the way we show up?


You tell me.

You and I have to answer to ONE person. No, it’s not the bearded man in the sky because he doesn’t exist.

You have to answer to YOU and that’s it!

Instead of aiming for the illusion of perfection aim to be YOU—100% authentic and unapologetic. When you show up, warts and all, when you give yourself permission to be the wonderful person you were born to be—mistakes, faults and everything—you empower others.

The people who truly love you don’t care about your faults.


  • The clients who adore you don’t mind that you’re not perfect because they’re not perfect either.
  • The friends who hold you dear to their hearts don’t care about the mistakes you’ve made because they made mistakes too.

You can never be perfect! And that’s ok.


  • You will never know all the answers.
  • You will never know enough to feel READY to change the world.
  • You will always find a reason to hide.
  • You will always find an excuse not to do the work.
  • You will always find distractions that will stop you from achieving your goals…



Until you flick the middle finger at perfection and just show up. Warts, mistakes, faults, ugliness and all.

When you do THAT you give everyone else permission to show up unapologetically.

So BE the thought leader, the change maker, the luminary, the opinionated and outspoken business person you are already. Show up. Lead with conviction and change the world, one customer, client and fan at a time.

Start living your life like you mean it and watch as the magic unfolds. Tag me on Facebook @monikamundell and show me the real you, the imperfect you already. I can’t wait to get to know you better. 

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