Education vs. Results

As a woman entrepreneur I’m always looking to learn more, to build on my skills. I think that this quest for knowledge is a curse!

It’s a curse I’ve been struggling with for as long as I’ve been in business because I want to be better at what I do and lead from an authentic place. If I’m brutally honest with myself I think this is a sucky self-centred belief that I share with millions of business women around the world and here is why it is egoistical to feel that way…

  • We think that we’re not good enough.
  • We struggle to recognise the brilliance within us to step up and just do the fucking work.
  • We like to hide behind the excuse of needing to learn more before we are “ready.”

How many years do we need to perfect our skills to become good enough at our craft to show up and lead authentically? If you’re anything like me you’ve been at this game for some time and yet here we are questioning whether we have the skills to be a fucking thought leader… whether we’re good enough to share the stage with other leaders and knowledgable enough to build our dream business.

Isn’t this INSANE?


This attitude is egoistical and self-centred because by hiding our brilliance we’re robbing our dream clients of their chance to get the results they want.

Think about this in all seriousness!

As long as you hide you’re responsible for the struggle and pain of your people. If you’re not out there helping clients they will continue to struggle because they are waiting for YOU to show up and serve them (i.e., sell to them).

Look, I think education is great, but there comes a time when you need to stop learning and start doing.


There comes a time when you need to start actioning what you’ve learned to get the results you want!

That time is NOW!

Think about the gazillion courses you’ve bought that are sitting on your hard drive gathering dust. You’ve bought them to learn this skill and that skill, thinking that you needed this skill before you were “ready.”

How many of these courses have actually given you the results you wanted?

Have they helped you grow your income and impact?

When you’re honest with yourself you’ll see that most of these courses haven’t given you the results you wanted.

There is nothing wrong with courses. What’s wrong is your mindset and attitude. You need to take action to get results. Buying a course and watching the lessons is not the action that matters if you want results.

You’ve got to do the work and implement what you learn to get results. And that’s fucking scary!

Instead of buying more courses you should be actioning what you’ve learned.


Action is the magic word baby! You and I need to be out there sharing our story and skills with the world. We need to show up, every day. We need to lead with strength and conviction. We need to show up, authentically and unapologetically.

That is what will give you the results you want. That is what will grow your business and take it to the next level and beyond. And you’ve got to start doing that now.

You ARE ready! You know ENOUGH! Your clients are waiting!

Instead of buying more courses you should consider investing in a high-end business coach. We all need a good business coach who has our back. High-performance athletes have coaches. Soccer teams have coaches, singers have coaches and you need a coach too. We need coaches because we need the support and the cheerleading… we need the sounding board and the step by step guidance to help us take our business to the next level.

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Nika xo


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