5 Mind Hacks to Change Your Attitude

5 Mind Hacks to Change Your Attitude 5-mind-hacks-to-change-your-attitude

Whenever you feel angry, disappointed, upset or betrayed by life or another person you have a choice to change your attitude in a heart beat.

The hardest part is to give yourself permission to change the way you think about the situation because right there and then it just fucking hurts.

It’s easier to FEEL into the anger, to feel betrayed and disappointed. It’s way easier to spend the rest of the day upset since you have a valid reason to feel that way.

And you totally can. You can choose to stay in the negative or you can use these 5 mind hacks to change your attitude.

Mind Hack #1 — Choose forgiveness instead of anger.


Decide that your (positive) attitude and happiness matters more than the hurt you’ve experienced and move on.

Life’s too short to begrudge people for lengthy periods of time anyway. If you can’t forgive them and the betrayal was massive, let them go. Move on. Let go of the friendship, the relationship.

Personally, this is the hardest hack for me and I still struggle with this one occasionally. But I also know that my happiness is more important than the emotional crap I tend to hold on to, so I have learned to let it go ad be done with it.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” — Jim Rohn

Mind Hack #2 — Speak your mind. Clear the air. Move on.


Sometimes we need to just clear the air by speaking up. It is possible that the pain you feel was caused by a miscommunication or misunderstanding. So you wouldn’t want to carry this shit around for the long term and hurting you without a valid reason.

Speak it out with the other party and move on no matter what happens.

Mind Hack #3 — Believe you can!


Don’t believe you are good enough? Don’t believe you matter?

How about you reframe those thoughts into, “I’m worthy enough to do this and I have the experience and expertise to do it well.”

Flip thoughts of, “I’m not good enough, who cares anyway” to “I’ve got this. My people need me because they’re hurting and I owe it to them to show up and be present in their lives.”

Mind Hack #4 — Take charge of your mind!


Does your mind let you down frequently?

If left without a driver, our minds are like runaway trains on a sure fire way to a crash. You need to become the driver of your mind to control its journey along the track of life.

Spend time each day in quiet reflection. Meditate and journal about your dreams, fears and mind chatter. Get crystal clear clarity about the stuff that really matters and let go of the other stuff or people that no longer serve you.

I always loved Jim Rohn’s analogies that talked about the need to weed out our mind every day, much like you’d weed your garden.

“If you rest too long the weeds take the garden.” — Jim Rohn

Mind Hack #5 — Surround yourself with supportive people.


If you hang out with negative people you’ll turn into a negative nancy. The law of average states that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

“In relationships, we’re greatly influenced — whether we like it or not — by those closest to us. It affects our way of thinking, our self-esteem, and our decisions.” — Business Insider

So if you’re looking to LEAP to the next step in your business (or life) you need to surround yourself with people who are already there so that they can pull you up and take you with them.

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